Sunday, March 2, 2014

Michigan Basketball wins the Big Ten!

Here are some attractive women to help celebrate Michigan's second Big Ten title in three years, which they earned with a 66-56 victory over Minnesota last night. Enjoy!

Kate Usmanova

Helen Owen

Natazha Aiken

Ellie Gonsalves


  1. All of a sudden I am hungry for chicken fried steak. This is a very resilient and tough ball team. They seemed to struggle to find themselves early, but once BIG play stared they settled in and fought for tough wins, especially on the road (they beat Wiscy, State, and Ohio in their own gyms). I also love that they never complained about losing guys (unlike Izzo) but just went out there and won games. One more win! Go Blue!

    1. I agree with everything you said. Izzo's comments over the past couple weeks were extremely annoying.

  2. We are getting a Tilted Kilt here in Toledo and I'm stoked! What could be better than deep fried steak goodness and boobies???

  3. I went to the Waste Management Open in Phoenix last year, went to the Tilted Kilt near Scottsdale. I've never seen that many 10's in one room, but I'm also from Cleveland.

  4. There's a famous stripper and pornstar Adrienne Sweebe working at the Tilted Kilt in Toledo Ohio. You can see her perform at the Penthouse Club in Detroit. Stop in at the Tilted Kilt and she'll gladly give you her autograph.