Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 NBA Draft Results

Nik Stauskas destroyed Florida (image via MGoBlog)
This isn't a basketball blog, but I'll certainly celebrate some Michigan basketball success when I can. Last night the program had a big chunk of success in the NBA draft.

#8 Nik Stauskas - SG - Sacramento Kings: The selection of Stauskas earned CBS Sports' lowest grade of the top 13 picks (D+), but good for him. I have said before that Stauskas looks to me like a Jamal Crawford type of player, a guy who can be instant offense off the bench (although in different ways than Crawford). I am disappointed that he went to Sacramento because it's a small market team and we'll rarely have a chance to see him television, but that's the way it goes.

#21 Mitch McGary - PF - Oklahoma City Thunder: I don't think McGary could have found a better situation, and the Thunder got a good fit for their team, too. They have a couple established scorers, and McGary - when healthy - is a high motor player who can create some extra opportunities for Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. I'm surprised McGary went this high with the questions about his health.

#40 Glenn Robinson III - SF - Minnesota Timberwolves:
 Robinson is sort of an odd fit in Minnesota, and he's almost exactly the same size (6'6", 220 lbs.) as starting SF Shabazz Muhammad (6'6", 222 lbs.). There are all kinds of questions about whether Robinson can bring together all the phases of his game, but he's a guy who I think can have a long NBA career, even if just as a backup swing player.

Jordan Morgan - PF - Minnesota Timberwolves: Minnesota doesn't have a lot of bigs, but the starter there is a star in Kevin Love. I don't think many people are under the impression that Morgan can be an NBA starter, but he has a chance to make a roster somewhere as a role player. He doesn't have great size or athleticism, but he found a way to get the job done in college against guys who were bigger and more athletic.

Congratulations to all these guys, the coaches, and the basketball program!


  1. It'd be a surprise if Nik creates offense the way that Crawford does. Crawford is Iversonian in the way he doesn't really need any help to score on his own. Nik will be reliant on others at the NBA level, IMO. Kings have been looking for a shooter for a while and Nik should get some really good looks playing alongside scorers like Cousins and Gay, who defenders have to respect. Good place for him, if that franchise gets its act together. There have been rumors that Rondo will end up there, which would be a great partner for Nik. Regardless of who the PG is, he'll have to battle with Ben McLemore, an unrefined but talented shooter. He should get minutes immediately and may even start.

    McGary will likely learn from Ibaka, Collison and Perkins while he rides pine this year. Which is just fine for most rookies, but Mitch is a bit old. Still - it's a good landing spot for him. Those are great players to learn under - guys who are making the most of their ability and an A+ physical presence to practice against in Ibaka. Ideally, he would have went to a place where he had a better chance of playing as the 4th big, but maybe the Thunder will finally move Perkins and let Adams start, opening up a bench role for Mitch. If not, it's a red-shirt year where Mitch can get healthy and learn a lot.

    GR3 - Minnesota is not the best spot for him. Hard to tell with the franchise in such upheaval, but Flip Saunders is a terrible coach and they have a glut of mediocre wing players,though no entrenched cornerstones. Wait and see, I guess. If they don't make any trades, GR3 is going to struggle to make the team. They already have 12 guys signed plus a 1st rounder. I was really hoping he'd land with OKC, SAS or LAC. Supposedly the Thunder were close to taking him, but decided on the kid from stanford that can't shoot and that Robinson outplayed. Bummer for them, and for those of us who wanted M to get 3 1st rounders.

    Morgan's not really tied to Minnesota yet. The contract lasts about a week. They're just a way for him to be seen in the summer league. If he plays well there he could get a contract from someone. A european team or another summer-contract from some other NBA team is more likely than the T-Wolves.

    Amazing that the entire top 5 from the 2013 team will be NBA players...and maybe some of the bench too.

  2. CBS has their collective heads up their asses. Sacramento is a great spot for Nik. The organization does have its act together under the new ownership group, and as Thunder said Nik will get tons of good looks. DMC is one of the best young bigs in the league, and I've felt for the last couple tears they needed to surround him with a few shooters...they managed to snag the best one in the draft. Plus having lived in Sacramento and going to tons of games those fans will appreciate his attitude and hard work. Draft grades are written by idiots for morons. Happy for Nik.