Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 Season Countdown: #56 Allen Gant

Allen Gant (image via Go Blue Wolverine)
Name: Allen Gant
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 222 lbs.
High school: Sylvania (OH) Southview
Position: Linebacker
Class: Redshirt sophomore
Jersey number: #12
Last year: I ranked Gant #63 and said he would be a backup linebacker and special teamer. He played a little on special teams.

Gant entered the 2013 season as a distant backup at the SAM linebacker position, and he remained there. He started his career as a strong safety and was only a little over 200 lbs. during his redshirt freshman year, so it was understandable that he would not be ready. Besides his physical limitations, he was behind several upperclassmen. He played a bit on special teams but did not make much of an impact.

It looks to be more of the same for Gant in 2014. Despite the switch to the 4-3 Over defense, he remains at SAM linebacker but should be behind juniors James Ross III and Royce Jenkins-Stone. He will also have to fend off freshman Jared Wangler, who is roughly the same size despite being two years younger, and perhaps others as the coaches shuffle a glut of linebackers. Gant's best chance to get on the field once again will be on special teams, where he can use his safety/linebacker speed and decent size with some effectiveness.

Prediction: Backup SAM linebacker, special teams contributor


  1. As he is a local kid for me in Sylvania, Ohio - I have followed his progress pretty closely over the years. I was excited to see what another local kid could do at Safety for UM (a la Kovacs). I was kinda surprised he was moved to Linebacker so soon. Does he not have the speed or recognition to be successful at Safety? Thanks in advance.

    1. Even going back to his HS wooing, a lot of recruitniks were questioning whether Gant had the wheels to play DB at UM. If they are saying that about you while you are still in HS as a recruit, "a move down" closer to the line tends to be in the cards.

      I was hoping to see more of Gant on special teams last year. He needs to make a move in '14 because Hoke continues to stockpile the LB group with nice prospects on an annual basis. A third year on the bench and he will get buried by younger talent.

    2. Guess I had my "Kovacs Glasses" on at the time since he clearly was undervalued as a recruit...thought maybe Gant was in the same mold. Underrated, diamond in the rough sort of guy.

    3. Yeah, I've always been one of those "recruitniks" who questioned Gant's speed. He's not a guy who can cover a deep half, in my opinion, let alone play center field.

    4. Hoke and company have whiffed on way too many guys like Gant. Makes it damn hard to win when teams like State are taking the same caliber player and turning them into all conference and all American-level talent.

    5. Dantonio's staff turns "these type" players into All-Americans as juniors-seniors, often including redshirts. Dantonio has had 6 or 7 seasons to develop talent and find the Dennards of the world. Also, their staff isn't batting 100% on turning 3 stars into AA.

      Hoke's staff has his 1st recruiting class-outside the transition class-turning into juniors or RS sophomores this season. Let's wait another year or two until we say that Hoke and his staff cannot turn "these type" players into major contributors. They already did it with Frank Clark as look to be doing it with Henry on the DL. Offensively, Glasgow is turning out well and so is Funchess-granted some recruiting websites have him 4 stars. Patience.

  2. Thunder - speaking of LB's any news or feedback from Bilal on his visit?