Sunday, June 15, 2014

2014 Season Countdown: #67 Tom Strobel

Tom Strobel (image via Scout)
Name: Tom Strobel
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 268 lbs.
High school: Mentor (OH) Mentor
Position: Defensive end
Class: Redshirt sophomore
Jersey number: #50
Last year: I ranked Strobel #64 and said he would be a backup strongside end. He played in one game and made 2 tackles.

Strobel came into the 2013 season as a combo strongside end/defensive tackle, but he has always seemed like a guy who would struggle to put on the weight necessary to play defensive tackle. Last year he played at 262 lbs., and this year he's up to 268. That's still a little bit light for the 5-tech defensive end spot that Michigan employed when their base defense was an Under. He played in one game as a redshirt freshman but made 2 tackles against the Chippewas of Central Michigan, so he acquitted himself fairly well.

Strobel is once again listed as a defensive end going into 2014, and I think that's the position that fits him best. The strongside end in Michigan's new base defense, the 4-3 Over, is more of an edge player who doesn't require as much bulk. Senior Brennen Beyer is entrenched as the starter, and sophomore Taco Charlton looks to be the first man off the bench. Strobel would likely be the third guy in, although redshirt freshman Henry Poggi (who also has bounced between defensive tackle and strongside end) might have something to say about that. Poggi is more of a natural defensive tackle, though, so Strobel will probably see a solid amount of playing time to spell players or play some garbage time minutes.

Prediction: Backup strongside end


  1. He seems enamored of his guns.

    I like Strobel a lot and believe that before this is over he will be a very sold example for my ad nauseum ranting about maturity and redshirting freshman ... especially linemen.

    He also made a couple of nice plays against the Chips that didn't make the scoresheet where he shed his guy real nice and forced people to cut away and into trouble.

    Before his group leaves, I think they'll find away to play Strobel and Charlton together at the ends. I think people are gonna hate that. Especially with the quick size we have developing at tackle.

  2. Yet another player in the Hoke era who has failed to put on the required weight for his college position.

    1. Exactly. This is the fourth (to my knowledge) player that has had issues. Mags, Samuelson, Richardson and now Strobel.

    2. We aren't blaming Hoke for people's genetics now are we?

    3. Only 4 guys? They must be doing a great job, because most programs have a lot more young players struggle with this.

  3. Strobel played some 3-tech in the spring scrimmage, but did not look comfortable there and the OL had little trouble getting into his body. Agree with Magnus that he would be best served by working on his pass rush and trying to beat out Taco at DE, or perhaps working in as a nickel DT.

  4. Seems a bit high again, since it doesn't sound like he's on the verge of playing a big role or beating out the 4 or 5 ends ahead of him. A lot of people, including me, had high expectations for Strobel as a recruit but 2 seasons in he hasn't shown much. Hopefully he develops into a solid contributor as an upperclassmen.