Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2014 Scholarship Count

Players are listed in order of remaining eligibility.  With 8 seniors scheduled to graduate and 81 scholarships allotted, Michigan's class of 2015 should be at least 12.


- Michael Ferns will transfer.

- Desmond Morgan will take a medical redshirt for 2014.

- Csont'e York was dismissed from the team.

- Ty Isaac transferred to Michigan from USC.

- Jordan Paskorz will not return in 2014.

- Chris Bryant has taken a medical hardship.

- Richard Ash, Josh Furman, and Thomas Rawls will not return in 2014.

REDSHIRT SENIORS = 3 (Final season 2014)
QB Devin Gardner 
LB Jake Ryan 
P Will Hagerup
WR Anthony Capatina
OL Joey Burzynski

SENIORS = 5 (Final season 2014)
DE Brennen Beyer
DE Frank Clark
CB Delonte Hollowell
CB Raymon Taylor
K Matt Wile

REDSHIRT JUNIORS = 7 (Final season 2015)
QB Russell Bellomy
RB Justice Hayes
C Graham Glasgow
C Jack Miller
TE Keith Heitzman

LB Desmond Morgan
CB Blake Countess

QB Alex Swieca
FB Joe Kerridge
WR Jonathan Keizer
DE Alex Mitropolous-Rundus

JUNIORS = 10 (Final season = 2015)
FB Sione Houma
WR Dennis Norfleet
TE Devin Funchess
TE A.J. Williams
DE Mario Ojemudia
DT Ondre Pipkins
LB Joe Bolden
LB Royce Jenkins-Stone
LB James Ross

S Jarrod Wilson

REDSHIRT SOPHOMORES = 14 (Final season 2016)
RB Drake Johnson
OL Blake Bars

OL Ben Braden
OL Kyle Kalis
OL Erik Magnuson
WR Jehu Chesson

WR Amara Darboh

DE Matt Godin
DT Willie Henry
DE Tom Strobel
DE Chris Wormley
LB Allen Gant

CB Terry Richardson

S Jeremy Clark

QB Brian Cleary
WR Bo Dever
TE Michael Jocz
OL Ben Pliska
DT Ryan Glasgow
LB Nick Benda
LB Bobby Henderson
LB Mark Lawson
LB Dan Liesman
S Shaun Austin
S A.J. Pearson
P Kenny Allen

SOPHOMORES = 14 (Final season 2016)
QB Shane Morris
RB Derrick Green
RB Ty Isaac
RB DeVeon Smith
WR Da'Mario Jones
TE Jake Butt
OL Kyle Bosch
DE Taco Charlton
LB Ben Gedeon
CB Delano Hill
CB Jourdan Lewis
CB Channing Stribling
S Dymonte Thomas

REDSHIRT FRESHMEN = 14 (Final season 2017)
FB Wyatt Shallman
WR Jaron Dukes
TE Khalid Hill
OL David Dawson
OL Chris Fox
OL Patrick Kugler

OL Dan Samuelson
OL Logan Tuley-Tillman

DT Maurice Hurst, Jr.
DT Henry Poggi

LB Mike McCray
CB Reon Dawson
CB Ross Douglas
LS Scott Sypniewski

QB Garrett Moores
WR Blaise Stearns
WR Jack Wangler
OL Greg Froelich
DE Garrett Miller
CB Anthony Dalimonte

FRESHMEN = 15 (Final season 2017)
QB Wilton Speight
WR Freddy Canteen
WR Drake Harris
WR Maurice Ways
TE Ian Bunting
OL Juwann Bushell-Beatty
OL Mason Cole

DE Lawrence Marshall
DT Bryan Mone
DT Brady Pallante
LB Noah Furbush
LB Jared Wangler

LB Chase Winovich
CB Jabrill Peppers
CB Brandon Watson
QB Joey Hewlett
LB Michael Wroblewski
S Francois Montbrun


  1. Wouldn't Darboh fall under RS sophomore since he was out all year with an injury?

    1. Yep. That was an oversight, but it's now fixed. Thanks.

  2. Terry Richardson didn't see any action this year meaning unless he plays in the bowl game he will be a redshirt sophomore next year.

    1. I guess you're correct. I thought he was on the participation chart for the CMU game, but I just checked and he's not there. Thanks.

  3. I'm curious ... someone like redshirt senior WR Anthony Capatina ... who according to MGoBlue.com made his collegiate debut on special teams against South Carolina in the Outback Bowl, and saw special team action against Nebraska ... what's their role on a team like Michigan? They clearly don't play a large role in game action. Do they perform some function in practices? Or do they spend five years working out, practicing and riding the bench just for the love of the game?

    1. IIRC, Capatina was the scout team quarterback for at least one week earlier this year. I want to say he was playing the role of Kain Colter for the Northwestern game. I'm not sure if he did anything for OSU or Nebraska (who also had running quarterbacks), but that's the type of thing he can contribute. A lot of times they're scout team players, special teamers, etc. That seems to be the best that most (not all) walk-ons can hope for: running down on kickoffs or punts, or maybe blocking on the XP/FG unit.

  4. Hopely Josh Furman, Rawls, and Matt Wile (if he can't put down the weed) will take the degree and go. I appreciate their efforts, but I really don't think they can make a meaningful (if any) contribution for 2014. Michigan gave the three guys a free education and room/board (worth around $200k per person). That's something many Michigan students can only dream of. So that's enough.

    I still remember watching Furman arriving ONLY AFTER the OSU player made a play. He costed us a few touchdowns. He just isn't that good. Rawls won't touch the ball as a RB. Wile can make a contribution, but seems like a head case. Hopely three more slots open up for more highly touted guys with their head at the right place.

    1. It's probably an honest mistake, but if you're going to say nasty things about players, you should make sure that it's the RIGHT player. Matt Wile has not had any off-the-field issues. You're thinking of Will Hagerup, even though you said "Matt Wile" and "Wile."

    2. Oops. I got Hagerup and Wile confused. Very sorry.

  5. This is an honest question. There's been small talk of Richardson and Rawls transferring. There's also been speculation of Royce Jenkins-Stone. If such were to happen, does that open up a scholarship for the recruiting class of 2014, or would they have to give the scholarship to someone in the same year as them?

    1. That would open up a scholarship for anyone the coaches wanted to give the scholarship to. In most cases, it would go toward the class of 2014. However, there's a chance that they would want to put someone like Graham Glasgow on "permanent" scholarship. But to answer your question, it does not have to go to someone in the same class. Technically, I believe all 85 scholarships could be allocated to people with senior eligibility, but since recruiting classes are limited to 25 in the Big Ten, there really aren't situations where astronomical numbers of scholarships are given to any one class.

  6. Any 5th years getting a firm handshake? Maybe Paskorz? The others look like backups at minimum.

    1. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility, but I have my doubts about whether the coaches will send any of them away. Paskorz would have played more if he hadn't injured his hand, and the coaches want to use multiple tight ends. The coaches also turned to Richard Ash in the Ohio State game, and we're pretty young on the interior - the most experienced guys are junior Ondre Pipkins coming off a torn ACL and redshirt sophomore Willie Henry. Not that I think Ash will start, but it might be rash to let him go if he wants to return. Of course, sometimes these fifth year guys just choose to move on because they see the writing on the wall.

  7. Looking at this only reminds me how young this team is *sighs*. How long do you think it is before we see a significant increase in this football team's production?

    1. I've been saying for a couple years that I think 2014 is the year when this team will start to take off a little bit. The schedule isn't that difficult, and Michigan's offensive line should be improving a little bit. We'll miss Jeremy Gallon and Taylor Lewan, but the other seniors can be replaced, in my opinion.

    2. I think we might be a bit disappointed again in 2014, though the overall number of wins should go up. We get all of our main rivals as away games -- ND, OSU and MSU.

      I think we will def win against Appy State, Miami of Ohio, Utah, Minny, Rutgers, Indiana and Maryland. That's seven games. Penn State and Northwestern will be tough, but we'd have edge.

      The remaining three rivals games will be tough, and will all be away games. I am thinking around 9-3 or 10-2 regular season.

      2014, on the other hand, will be much easier and Hoke's 2012 and 2013 players will be upperclassmen by then. We also get both MSU and OSU at home. This is the year Hoke should deliver the Big Ten Championship and a good postseason showing. If Hoke's team is still struggling at this point, which I don't think it will, he might be have to be let go.

    3. Oops. I meant 2014 will be a bit disappointing and 2015 should be THE year for us. I think something's wrong with me today. My head is not at the right place.

    4. Not sure why we shouldn't expect 10 wins and a Legends Division championship in 2014. If we can't do that well, then Hoke is definitely not the one for the job. By my count, when next season starts, Hoke will have signed 80 players since he took over, and among the ones he didn't sign are Gardner and Ryan. He has pretty much all his own players now, and will have brought in 3 straight top 10 recruiting classes. There's no excuse for not doing better than State or Nebraska…we've brought in FAR superior talent than they have since Rodriguez left. If Hoke can't make something out of that by next year, he needs to be gone.

      I mean, seriously…how can 8 or 9 wins be acceptable next season? Hoke took over a 7-5 team, not a cellar-dweller. How can 2 wins improvement in 4 years be considered a good job? Brian Kelly took over a 6-6 team and had them in the NC game in three years. Jimbo Fisher took over a 7-6 team and had them 12-2 in three years. Jim Harbaugh took over a 1-11 team and took them to 12-1 in four years. He started with basically nothing in the way of talent, so this business of still blaming RR for Hoke's failings is getting old. A top-notch coach should not need 5 years to turn a program like Michigan around.

    5. I understand what you're saying. 8 wins are probably not acceptable. I am thinking 9 wins during the regular season would be the minimum. There are still some depth issues until we can say that Michigan would be at its full strength under Hoke. RS seniors and some seniors would still be from that dreadful 2010 class, and 2011 was a transition class. What I mean is that 2014 team would still be young. Schedule is also a bit tough with all of our rival games would be away games.

      I also agree that Harbaugh would've been a better coach here. But Hoke is who Hoke is -- a bit of an old-fashioned coach who can be successful with right pieces in place but is no magician. As we saw in his previous stops, his teams can be formidable, but they do took several years to get to that state.

    6. Harbaugh would never have come here. He's divorced and his kids are in CA, so he was staying there regardless. Even if he had come here, if he'd had the kind of success we wanted, he would have bolted to the pros in 3-4 years, because that's what he's been shooting for all along, and we'd have been back to square 1. Hoke at least has the advantage for us that he will never want to go to another team, no matter how well he does here or who else tempts him. The question, of course, is whether he will ever be that good at Michigan. I certainly wouldn't say that any of his previous teams were "formidable". He had basically one top-flight season at his previous stops, not long-term success (which I define as multiple 10 win seasons in a row, including some at least 4-5 years apart).

    7. Yeah. I was talking hypothetically. But I think Harbaugh might've turned things around quicker -- he is one of the best coaches of the game, period. Even though he left Stanford for the 49ers, Stanford is doing just fine as they were able to continue what he built up with his former assistants.

      As for Hoke's former teams, yes I also mentioned that he took several years to build them up. In 2006 Hoke's Ball State was really close with Michigan, though Michigan was able to win it. He also turned San Diego State around in year 2, going 9-4 and all of his losses were close games.

  8. Quick Question: I know Harris sat out the entire year this year. Will Harris be available next year, and if he is, how much use will he be? I didn't realize he was 6'4', I thought he was around 6'. It almost seems like he could be an immediate impact on the field with such a wide frame...

    1. I assume Harris will be available next year, but I don't think anyone really knows the answer to that question. Balky hamstrings sometimes require surgery. Sometimes they just turn into nagging issues. Sometimes they don't become long-term problems.

  9. Do you think the OL will be any good next year? Do you think the OL will even be better? And I have a question about a few OL for the coming years. Say, if by chance, Magnuson and Kalis won the OT jobs, would that mean that Braden really never plays significant time in the coming years? And if Bryant doesn't win a job next year does that mean he's pretty much done for good? Also, with the huge lineup of OL recruits from 2013, does that mean that four years from now we may have a pure RS SR OL lineup? I'd personally love to see a Manguson->Bryant->Glasgow->Bosch->Kalis lineup, because everyone would've had game experience this year, and they'd be best set up for success next year since they all had game experience.

    1. Rather see Magnuson-Bosch-Kugler-Kalis-Braden as the starting O line.

    2. Yes, if Kugler isn't challenging for the starting job next year, I'll be quite disappointed.

    3. Mags-Bosch-Kugler-Kalis-Braden would be amazing. That's what I want to see!!!

  10. Wow, looks like we'll finally have enough depth to have a "real spring game" next year

  11. looks like black is walk on and blue is scholarship. but i believe that graham glasgow received a scholarship at the beginning of this season

  12. Jake Ryan is a senior

  13. Yes, he is... What makes you say that?

  14. I like the layout you do for this -- nice and neat and clean, and it's obvious that you're not including any walk-ons in the total count. Mgoblog tries to include the two-deep with theirs, and after Rawls/Furman/Ash left, nobody knew what the deal was with the count and whether Glasgow was included or not. It was confusing. This is nice and simple.

    1. Thanks. I'm glad it's easy to see and read. I think this type of layout is easier to comprehend than the one at MGoBlog, so it's good I'm not the only one.

  15. what happened to Shaun Crawford or is he next year recruit

  16. Only a class of 12??... guess that's a good thing in that the kids are starting to stay and not jump ship as much in the past. Can't wait to see a starting line up one day of all upper classman, kind of like Wisconsin seems to do each year.

    1. Absolutely. 2015 is shaping up to be a special year, and we hope our depth chart stays solid for years to come.

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  18. I posted this on MGoBlog - but I saw the 247 class rankings and noticed the following about OSU:

    I find it "interesting" they were able to sign 23 players in this class, 24 in 2013, 25 in 2012, and 25 in 2011.
    Those seem like huge classes year after year, yet Michigan was left with small numbers this year, and even smaller (12?!?!?!?) next year. "Interesting".

    1. Ohio State has lost a lot of dudes. I count 7 from 2011, 6 from 2012, and 1 from 2013. Plus, Cardale "We Ain't Come to Play School" Jones is listed twice. That's 15 spots total from those three classes. Even with that in mind, it looks like they will be at 88 with only 82 to give due to sanctions (the chart below doesn't include the Darius Slay flip on NSD). Meyer has some Saban'ing to do.


    2. Yup. I thought of that too. Some attrition AND some cutting to do. I hope this poisons their locker room, as their kids start to see what kind of a snake in the grass Meyer really is.

  19. Sounds like M Smith to the DL and R Manning to control the LBs.

  20. Is it 6 or 5 for Redshirt Juniors?

  21. 81 allotted scholarships -> you say 81, have it listed as 82, it is in fact 81. 9 opening up. That makes for 13.

    Attrition-wise, I could see as many as 6 leave the program.

    Wouldn't be surprised for the 2015 class to hit anywhere from 16-19.

    1. 6? I'm looking at around 3 right now, unless any RS freshmen, or freshmen feel like jetting.

  22. Anybody having any doubts about the value of Seniors in collegiate athletics, need only replay last night's National Championship finals, as Kentucky's immensely talented Freshmen were smothered by Connecticut's quickness, but also by their maturity, experience and resolve.

    In football the differences are even more profound as the old cliche' is irrefutable, basketball is a contact sport, football is a collision sport. This is the exact point the "Fire Hoke" whiners fail to grasp, and in that failure, they reveal their ignorance when it comes to football, football coaching and kids in general.

    1. I kept waiting for Kentucky to have those freshman moments where they panicked or lost their cool. I was hoping it would happen earlier (for example, against Michigan), but I'm glad it happened, anyway. I do not like Calipari or Kentucky, so good for UConn. The only reason I kind of like UConn is because of Richard Hamilton, but that's enough to push them past UK in my eyes.

    2. Did you see Bilas before the game arguing that Kentucky's Freshman weren't as good as The Fab Five, and that even were they to win, their accomplishment wouldn't compare?

      He was arguing that, because there is so much more one and done in today's college basketball that Kentucky doesn't have to play the mature talent The Fabs faced.

      The good news here of course is, they didn't win.

    3. I didn't see that, but it makes sense. I mean, I don't have the breakdown of whom Michigan faced on its way to the national title game back then, but Kentucky faced a Michigan team without Burke or Hardaway. Michigan started one freshman, three sophomores, and a senior against them; Walton and probably LeVert would have been backups this year if Burke and Hardaway had stayed.

    4. Yes having a good group of upperclassmen is important. That doesn't excuse Hoke for going 7-6 and almost losing to Akron though. We'll still be young in 2014, but Hoke's got to deliver now.

  23. 13 Total Redshirt and True Seniors. Wow. We are damn young.

  24. 81. Hopely we can add Chad Lindsay for the 82th spot, who apparently is also courted by Oklahoma and Louisville. I doubt Louisville has a shot but Oklahoma might be able to take him after beating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. We desperately need Lindsay.

  25. Yet another painful reminder of our depth chart... we have a total of 9 redshirt seniors AND seniors. 9. I doubt any other FBS team has this number. Fight through it. Let's go blue.

    1. Next year we'll have 24 redshirt juniors or true seniors though... I'm pretty excited about that.

  26. Is Kyle Bosch a redshirt freshman now, after missing this season for personal/family concerns? I hadn't heard if he had applied for or gotten the redshirt.

    1. I'm sure he will get the redshirt, but I guess he would be a sophomore who's redshirting in 2014. Assuming he gets the redshirt and returns for 2015, he would be a redshirt sophomore next year.