Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sports Illustrated: A first-time skydiving experience, a fall to Earth, and a terrible accident

I'm certainly late to the party and I saw this on the news a few months back, but catching up on some issues of Sports Illustrated around the holidays, I came across the story of Dave Hartsock. Hartsock was a skydiving instructor whose heroic actions underneath a failed parachute saved the life of a woman named Shirley Dygert (LINK). Long story short: When the parachutes failed to deploy properly, he positioned himself underneath her to cushion her landing. She suffered some serious injuries but fully recovered, while Hartsock is a quadriplegic.

If you're not all charitied out during the holiday season, consider giving to his recovery fund HERE as his care costs $1,000 per week.

Go Blue!

As an extrinsic reward, here are some good looking ladies dressed like Santa Claus.

Aj Sachi

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