Thursday, December 4, 2014

Coaching Candidate: Tom Herman

Tom Herman
Tom Herman
Age: 39
Current position: Ohio State University offensive coordinator
Salary: $550,000
Head coaching experience: None
History: Herman was born in Ohio and became a wide receiver at California Lutheran University, a D-III school. He then moved on to the state of Texas, where he was a graduate assistant (Texas), a wide receivers coach (Sam Houston State), and an offensive coordinator (Texas State, Rice). He was hired as the offensive coordinator at Iowa State for the 2009-2011 seasons, climaxing with an upset of undefeated #2 Oklahoma State. That got him hired as Ohio State's offensive coordinator under Urban Meyer from 2012 to the present, where he has mentored Heisman trophy candidates in Braxton Miller and J.T. Barrett.
My thoughts: Herman has some connections in the midwest and in Texas, both of which are fertile recruiting grounds for proximity and talent, respectively. He is a spread offense guru who has learned at the hands of Meyer, whom Michigan fans should grudgingly respect. Herman does not have an ideal quarterback for his offense in Michigan's pipeline, but he has had success with some young quarterbacks, so the situation could lend itself to a quick offensive turnaround. Herman is obviously unproven as a head coach and might face some hurdles from a disappointed fan base, but his youth could give a boost to a program recovering from a lot of turmoil.
Likelihood of coming to Michigan: This would be a huge step up for a coordinator of his age, so he would probably jump at the chance to be a Big Ten head coach. However, chances are slim that Michigan would have to settle for a young coordinator when they have the resources to pull in a veteran head coach. Interim athletic director Jim Hackett would have to get a lot of no's before dropping down the list to Herman.

My wish list:
1. Bob Stoops
2. Dan Mullen
3. Les Miles
4. Greg Schiano
5. Tom Herman
6. Pat Narduzzi
7. Mike Shanahan


  1. Magnus I generally have a great respect for your analysis but there is no way Herman and Narduzzi (or hell even Shanahan and his two rings) should be below Schiano.
    Schiano's head coaching experience shouldn't matter because he's had some pretty terrible experience. His offenses were not innovative, he was a jerk (did not care for his antics with the Bucs) and at Rutgers he really had one good season.

    Herman is widely recognized as one of the most brilliant minds in the game. Ask yourself this: when michigan hired Brady Hoke, they could have offered Malzahn (then-coordinator at Auburn). Was Hoke a superior candidate because of his head coaching experience (hint: the answer is a resounding NO)

  2. A decent candidate, but still too young (39!) and too much of a risk at this point. We probably won't get to him before a more qualified candidate says yes.

  3. Would be a risky but very good hire IMO, but I don't think Debord and Hackett are going to go with a spread guy and no coordinator types are getting much buzz. Michigan seems focused on a "name" guy.

    I'd like to see Herman get poached by somebody though. He'd be a smart hire for Oregon State, though I'm not sure Herman would take that job...

  4. This is ridiculous, Herman should not even be on this list. He be lucky to get the Head Coaching job at Eastern or Western or any MAC team let alone a B1G school. Get real man.

  5. Hard to believe you have him below Schiano. I'd much rather take the chance with Herman than waste time with a guy like Schiano.

    1. I don't really like Schiano either, but Schiano has a lot of HC experience, while Herman has nada. It'd be too much of a risk at this point.

    2. I dunno, I'd take the chance on possible excellence vs guaranteed mediocrity.