Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Steve Clinkscale, Wolverine


Steve Clinkscale (image via MGoBlog)

Michigan hired Kentucky defensive backs coach Steve Clinkscale to replace the recently departed Mo Linguist, who was named the University of Buffalo's new head coach.

Clinkscale has been the defensive backs coach at UK for the past five years and just added the title "Defensive Passing Game Coordinator" this off-season. Clinkscale has also coached at Cincinnati, Illinois, Toledo, Western Carolina, and Ashland. He should fit pretty seamlessly into Michigan's hierarchy, as Linguist was "co-defensive coordinator" but paid less than Mike Macdonald. I imagine "Clink" will be in the same boat, labeled as a "co-coordinator" but also getting paid less than Macdonald.

I have been aware of Clinkscale for a few years, because as a coach at Kentucky, he has been a strong recruiting presence in southeast Michigan. The Wildcats landed a few commitments from the Detroit area, including 2022 Belleville (MI) Belleville cornerback Jeremiah Caldwell, whom Michigan offered in recent months. Clinkscale has also recruited Spring Hill (TN) Summit linebacker Keaten Wade, who was high on the Wolverines before committing to Kentucky.

It would be a mistake to assume that every Clinkscale recruit will automatically flip to the Wolverines, but it gives Michigan a puncher's chance. Caldwell is the long, lanky type of corner that Michigan got used to with Channing Stribling, Jeremy Clark, and the like, while Wade would be a good edge defender.

Considering the lateness of the change, this is about as well as Michigan could have expected to do. Clinkscale was reportedly #1 on Michigan's list, and of rumored options, I would take him over anyone else.


  1. I'm hoping he is already in contact with Domani Jackson.

  2. Also, this hire shows me Jim Harbaugh is serious about wining. Things felt in limbo since the 2016 overtime loss to Ohio St. This makes me feel like Jim Harbagh has things going in a clear direction, a commitment, to winning.

    1. I think he showed he was committed to winning with the other off-season hires, getting better on the recruiting trail, etc. I don't think you commit to recruiting as much as he did without the intention of winning for the long haul. If he planned to just go out with a bang, he would have hired seasoned, veteran X-and-O guys to try to win this year and put the future on the back burner.

    2. That's interesting.
      That sound like something said from a coaches perspective.

  3. I really like the hire, and think it's a better fit than Lindquist. Better coach, and will recruit the B1G footprint - keeping guys away from our opposition

    Go Blue