Tuesday, November 30, 2021

2022 Scholarship Count


Ronnie Bell (image via MLive)

Players are listed in order of remaining eligibility. With 91 scholarship players allotted, Michigan is currently over its scholarship limit by 6. Meanwhile, 19 seniors are scheduled to graduate, so the 2023 class should have at least 19 players.


  • Removed OG Nolan Rumler, who is transferring.
  • Removed S Sammy Faustin, who left the team prior to the 2021 season

Hit the jump for the breakdown by class.

REDSHIRT SENIORS = 12 (Final season 2022)
QB Alan Bowman

RB Hassan Haskins
WR Daylen Baldwin
WR Ronnie Bell
TE Luke Schoonmaker

OL Ryan Hayes
DE Taylor Upshaw
DE Julius Welschof

LB Michael Barrett
CB Vincent Gray
CB Gemon Green
S German Green

RB Lucas Andrighetto
WR Matt Torey
TE Luke Buckman
OL Kraig Correll
OL Griffin Korican
DL Joey George

SENIORS = 7 (Final season 2022)
WR Cornelius Johnson

WR Mike Sainristil
DT Chris Hinton, Jr.
TE Erick All
DT Mazi Smith

LB Anthony Solomon
DB Daxton Hill

WR Mathew Harrison
LB Nolan Knight
DB Caden Kolesar
LS William Wagner

REDSHIRT JUNIORS = 13 (Final season 2023)
QB Cade McNamara
OL Karsen Barnhart
OL Trente Jones
OL Trevor Keegan
DE Gabe Newburg
DE David Ojabo

DT Michael Morris
DT Jack Stewart
LB Joey Velazquez

DB George Johnson III
DB Quinten Johnson
DB Jalen Perry
DB D.J. Turner II
RB Leon Franklin
RB Danny Hughes
TE Hunter Neff
OL Mica Gelb
S Keshaun Harris
S Joshua Luther
S Andrew Russell

JUNIORS = 7 (Final season 2023)
RB Blake Corum
WR A.J. Henning
WR Roman Wilson
OL Zak Zinter

DE Jaylen Harrell
LB Kalel Mullings
S Makari Paige

QB Peyton Smith
RB Isaiah Gash
RB Nico Tiberia
WR Will Rolapp
WR Jake Thaw
LS Greg Tarr
K Cole Hussung

REDSHIRT SOPHOMORES = 12 (Final season 2024)
QB Dan Villari
TE Matt Hibner
OL Reece Atteberry
OL Jeffrey Persi

DE Kris Jenkins, Jr.
DE Braiden McGregor

LB Nikhai Hill-Green
CB Eamonn Dennis
CB Darion Green-Warren
CB Andre Seldon, Jr.
S Jordan Morant
S R.J. Moten

WR Christian Bartholomew
WR Sam Staruch
TE Josh Beetham
OL Noah Stewart
LB Jerome Nichols

SOPHOMORES = 6 (Final season 2024)
QB J.J. McCarthy
RB Donovan Edwards
WR Andrel Anthony
OL Greg Crippen
LB Junior Colson
S Rod Moore

REDSHIRT FRESHMEN = 16 (Final season 2025)
RB Tavierre Dunlap
WR Cristian Dixon
TE Louis Hansen
OL Raheem Anderson II
OL Tristan Bounds

OL Giovanni El-Hadi
DE Kechaun Bennett
DE Dominic Giudice
DE T.J. Guy

DT Rayshaun Benny
DT Ikechukwu Iwunnah
DT George Rooks

LB Jaydon Hood
LB Tyler McLaurin
CB Ja'Den McBurrows
P Tommy Doman
QB Jesse Madden
QB Davis Warren
RB Christian Boivin
RB Joe Taylor
WR Peyton O'Leary
TE Max Bredeson
TE Noah Howes
OL Peter Simmons
LB Alexander Lidback
DB Trevor Andrews

FRESHMEN = 18 (Final season 2025)
QB Jayden Denegal
RB C.J. Stokes
WR Tyler Morris
TE Marlin Klein
TE Colston Loveland
OL Connor Jones
OL Alessandro Lorenzetti
DT Kenneth Grant
DT Mason Graham
LB Aaron Alexander
LB Kevonte Henry
LB Micah Pollard
LB Jimmy Rolder
LB Deuce Spurlock
CB Will Johnson
CB Myles Pollard
S Damani Dent
S Kody Jones


  1. Is the scholarship limit back on at 85?

  2. Thanks a lot, Thunder. The offensive side of the ball is still pretty young (ton of contributing player that we expect to be around for at least 2 more years.) Based off the overall roster, it seems like the biggest need this recruiting class is defensive line and secondary, and Michigan has solid commits at the DT and secondary positions. Can’t rely too much on last year’s DT tackle haul to replace Hinton/Mazi/Jeter and secondary has been a need for a bit. While this year’s recruiting class doesn’t have many top-end players, it seems the overall talent on the team is still on the upswing if next year’s class is top 10 like many expect after this season. Is that consistent with your thoughts? Love your hard work and great content.

  3. Won't Cade still be considered a sophomore for eligibility purposes next year? My understanding was that due to COVID the 2020 season doesn't count and thus Cade could still play 4 years (2021-2024).

    Man is this looking like a strong group right now:

    SOPHOMORES = 6 (Final season 2024)
    QB J.J. McCarthy
    RB Donovan Edwards
    WR Andrel Anthony
    OL Greg Crippen
    LB Junior Colson
    S Rod Moore

    1. Yes, the 2020 season didn't really count. I'm not changing things for the scholarship count, though. It just gets very convoluted. Plus it's not clear yet whether guys will actually stay behind 5 years. The only guy it affected on this year's team was Vastardis, who stayed for a sixth year.

    2. Yeah it's going to be next to impossible to project things. With eligibility a gray area for the next couple years and transfer market accelerated (not just grad QBs, NIL factors) it's harder than ever.

      Harbaugh's approach since he got here - grad guys have to earn a spot - is going to be far more common across college football IMO. New normal.

      And I know you disagree with this Thunder, and also acknowledge you're in the majority, but I think Harbaugh's labeling of players by true class is also the right approach. The red-shirt stuff is just not very relevant anymore to underclassmen. We see it again with Ronnie Bell who was categorized for 4 years as a True Whatever, but will be back for year 5 and perhaps year 6. His classmate Haskins has been Redshirt Whatever, but will probably be gone after 4 (like the vast majority, regardless of redshirt status). These two are similarly good as college players and fringe NFL prospects -- how many games they played as freshman is irrelevant. It always has been.

      #redshirts don't matter.

      <--- That's a joke. Obviously it matters when a guy comes back for a 5th or 6th year. I just think it's a net negative to label people that way unless you're doing an exercise like this. Even then it's irrelevant for freshman, sophomores and juniors until 2024 at the earliest.