Monday, September 18, 2023

Ex-Wolverine Updates: Week 3


Xavier Worthy (image via SI)

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TE Erick All (Iowa): All caught 1 pass for 34 yards in a 41-10 win over Western Michigan.

WR Andrel Anthony (Oklahoma): Anthony caught 4 passes for 116 yards in a 66-17 win over Tulsa.

QB Alan Bowman (Oklahoma State): Bowman completed 6/12 passes for 42 yards and 1 interception in a 33-7 loss to South Alabama. Ouch.

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S Damani Dent (Charlotte): Dent did not play in a 41-25 loss to Georgia State.

CB Darion Green-Warren (Nevada): Green-Warren did not record any stats in a 31-24 loss to Kansas.

TE Louis Hansen (UConn): Hansen did not record any stats in a 24-17 loss to Florida International.

QB Ren Hefley (Middle Tennessee): Hefley did not play in a 35-14 win over Murray State.

WR A.J. Henning (Northwestern): Henning had 5 catches for 24 yards and 1 touchdown, plus 3 carries for 17 yards, in a 38-14 loss to Duke. He also returned 1 punt for -3 yards and 2 kickoffs for 53 yards.

LB Nikhai Hill-Green (Charlotte): Hill-Green made 4 tackles and 0.5 tackles for loss in a 41-25 loss to Georgia State.

WR Giles Jackson (Washington): Jackson did not play in a 41-7 win over Michigan State.

CB George Johnson III (UMass): Johnson caught 3 passes for 37 yards in a 19-17 loss to Eastern Michigan.

DE Aaron Lewis (Rutgers): Lewis made 8 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, and 1 sack in a 35-16 win over Virginia Tech.

QB Cade McNamara (Iowa): McNamara completed 9/19 passes for 103 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions.

QB Joe Milton (Tennessee): Milton completed 20/34 passes for 284 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 1 interception in a 29-16 loss to Florida. He also ran 5 times for 6 yards.

S Jordan Morant (Mississippi State): Morant did not record any stats in a 41-14 loss to LSU.

S R.J. Moten (Florida): Moten did not record any stats in a 29-16 win over #11 Tennessee.

DE Eyabi Okie-Anoma (Charlotte): Okie-Anoma made 5 tackles, 0.5 tackles for loss, and 1 quarterback hurry in a 41-25 loss to Georgia State.

DT George Rooks (Boston College): Rooks made 3 tackles in a near upset of #3 Florida State, but the Eagles lost 31-29.

CB Andre Seldon (New Mexico State): Seldon made 4 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, and 2 pass breakups in a 27-17 win over New Mexico.

CB Myles Sims (Georgia Tech): Sims made 2 tackles and 1 pass breakup in a 48-23 loss to Ole Miss.

LB Deuce Spurlock (Florida): Spurlock did not play in a 29-16 win over Tennessee.

RB Christian Turner (Indiana): Turner had 2 carries for 9 yards and 1 catch for -3 yards in a 21-14 loss to Louisville.

DE Taylor Upshaw (Arizona): Upshaw made 1 tackle, 1 tackle for loss, and 1 sack in a 31-10 win over UTEP.

TE Dan Villari (Syracuse): Villari did not record any stats in a 35-20 win over Purdue.

DE Julius Welschof (Charlotte): Welschof made 2 tackles in a 41-25 loss to Georgia State.

LB Cornell Wheeler (Kansas): Wheeler made 3 tackles in a 31-24 win over Nevada.


DE Collins Acheampong (Miami): Acheampong did not play in a 48-7 win over Bethune-Cookman.

LB Aaron Alexander (Michigan State): Alexander made 1 tackle in a 41-7 loss to Washington.

RB Tim Baldwin, Jr. (UMass): Baldwin did not play 19-17 loss to Eastern Michigan.

DE Ethan Burke (Texas): Burke made 2 tackles and 0.5 tackles for loss in a 31-10 win over Wyoming.

CB Te'Cory Couch (Miami): Couch did not record any stats in a 48-7 win over Bethune-Cookman.

S Taylor Groves (Ole Miss): Groves did not play in a 48-23 win over Georgia Tech.

OLB Stephen Herron, Jr. (Louisville): Herron made 1 tackle in a 21-14 win over Indiana.

LB Tyler Martin (UMass): Martin made 1 tackle in a 19-17 loss to Eastern Michigan.

DT Davonte Miles (Bowling Green State): Miles did not record any stats in a 31-6 loss to Michigan.

TE Andrew Rappleyea (Penn State): Rappleyea did not play in a 30-13 win over Illinois.

S Myles Rowser (New Mexico State): Rowser made 7 tackles, 1 pass breakup, and 1 forced fumble in a 27-17 win over New Mexico.

DT Quintin Somerville (UCLA): Somerville did not play in a 59-7 win over North Carolina Central.

DT Alex VanSumeren (Michigan State): VanSumeren did not record any stats in a 41-7 loss to Washington.

DT Denver Warren (New Mexico State): Warren made 2 tackles in a 27-17 win over New Mexico.

LB Raylen Wilson (Georgia): Wilson did not play in a 24-14 win over South Carolina.

WR Xavier Worthy (Texas): Worthy made 4 catches for 56 yards and 1 touchdown, along with 4 punt returns for 59 yards, in a 31-10 win over Wyoming.


Don Brown (Head Coach, UMass): UMass fell to 1-3 after a 19-17 loss to Eastern Michigan.

Jedd Fisch (Head Coach, Arizona): Fisch moved to 2-1 after a 31-10 win over UTEP.

Brady Hoke (Head Coach, San Diego State): Hoke and his Aztecs lost to Oregon State by a score of 26-9 to drop to 2-2.

Mo Linguist (Head Coach, Buffalo): Linguist lost to Liberty by a score of 55-17. Buffalo is 0-3.

Scot Loeffler (Head Coach, Bowling Green State): Loeffler and his Falcons dropped to 1-2 with a 31-6 loss to Michigan.

Curt Mallory (Head Coach, Indiana State): Mallory and his Indiana State Sycamores are 0-3 now after a 49-7 loss to Ball State

Jim McElwain (Head Coach, Central Michigan): McElwain and his Chips are now 1-2 after a 41-17 loss to Notre Dame

Biff Poggi (Head Coach, Charlotte): Charlotte lost to Georgia State by a score of 41-25. Charlotte is now 1-2.

Rich Rodriguez (Head Coach, Jacksonville State): Jacksonville State (2-1) had a bye. They rank #79 in scoring offense and #32 in scoring defense this season.

Tyrone Wheatley (Head Coach, Wayne State): Wheatley dropped to 1-2 with a 28-7 loss to Indianapolis


  1. Cade is Cade, and Joe is Joe. Hopefully JJ was not the real JJ 🤢

    1. Cade is Cade if Cade is the QB we saw against PSU in 2020, Washington in 2021, and CSU in 2022. Cade is NOT Cade if he is the QB that played a big role in leading Michigan to a Big Ten championship. I count myself as a doubter/hater relative to most Michigan fans, but even I expected Cade to be doing better than completing 54% of his passes, 5.9 YPA, and 3 INTs to 4 TDs. And those modest numbers are cupcake heavy. ISU (who just lost to Ohio) as the best competition he has seen.

      I think Cade's performance in Iowa opens the door to reconsidering the narrative around his time. Maybe he's not a game manager but a player who was managed in games. Maybe he's not the briliiant pre-snap analyst and his reads were made easy by defenses flipping out about the Michigan run game. Maybe his turnover avoidance was a combination of low volume and good fortune.

    2. I watched Joe closely this game and he was... pretty good, mostly fine, but ultimately unexceptional. He had a couple glorious bombs, picture perfect and deep down the field. He rarely looked off target. That's the good part - it will probably get him drafted late or at least a camp invite.

      There was bad stuff though and I'll get to that in a second. But let's be clear that there the big issues where less about Joe and more about the people around him; numerous penalties, a generally ineffective run game, and receivers again leaving yards on the field. Joe was not why they lost the game, but he also wasn't a guy who looked like he would carry the team to win it.

      The big red flag to me was that Heupel does not seem to trust Joe Milton right now. It was a lot of short stuff mixed with bombs and not much mid-range chain moving. The broadcast called out Joe's lack of production while throwing on the move. After 5 years in college, he might just not have this in his bag.

      I'm a big believer in trusting the coaches (generally, not always, but especially when they have earned trust - which Heupel has, at least on offense). Interpreting not just results but the decisions made in regards to usage. The story here for Joe is not pretty right now.

      Bottom line is that Joe is not showing the play-making ability he showed in his brief glimmer of promise against Minnesota. The broadcast talked about his lack of performance while throwing on the move. That improvisational playmaking just wasn' t there.

      I would not say Joe is Joe at all because Joe creates very divisive perspectives. For Joe's backers he's a high end talent who can run and hurl the ball a mile just waiting for his chance to unleash in a high octane offense. For Joe's critics he's a wildly inaccurate and inconsistent passer whose primary asset is his legs and whose decision-making is subpar and will result in tons of turnovers.

      I would submit a different perspective - he's Jon Navarre. A big pocket passer whose best strength is toughness and maturity, but he's not. Of course Navarre is famously slow and Joe is fast for a guy his size. But speed aside, Joe and Jon are straighline runners who don't have any wiggle and guys at their best when they can sit back in the pocket and throw a rope to big bad WR downfield.

      The last 3 years have seen Joe develop quite a bit of accuracy when he is standing in the pocket, but when forced to create on the run the inconsistency crops back up. He's got a big arm but he's kind of...a game manager. At least by Volunteer standards.

    3. Maybe Cade is Joe and Joe is Cade afterall. We might have the gunslinger/game manager narrative backwards when it comes to Cade and Joe.

      Take yourself back to spring of 2022. If you knew both guys were playing elsewhere in 2023 had to guess whose stats where Cades and whose were Joe's what would you have guessed right:

      54% completion percentage. 4 TDs / 3 INTs. 6 sacks
      64% completion percentage. 6 TDs / 1 INT. 3 sacks

      And if one was described as an inconsistent gunslinger by his new fanbase would you have guessed it was Cade?

      "McNamara has been an extremely inefficient passer thus far with a surprising penchant for turning the ball over. Through three games, McNamara’s passing statistics are not dissimilar from those one might have expected to see from Spencer Petras"

      "Whether the Hawkeyes can establish a consistent passing game this season may depend on whether McNamara can strike the right balance between the efficient and accurate game manager he was at Michigan and the gunslinger his early play at Iowa suggests he wants to be."

    4. I remember after the WA game, I questioned whether Harbaugh trusted Cade. I was wrong that it would hurt us, but right that he was being protected. He simply wasn't very good (just good enough to replace Joe Milton)

      Milton did not have a good night Saturday. Just like the mighty Austin Peay made him struggle in the first half, this bad gator team held him to ONE completion in the 2Q (unless you want to count the middle school interception). Josh Huepel is doing with Joe what Jim did for Cade: he's protecting him. This is not the Airraid that made Huepel look like a genius. The running game was bad? Well they ran on 3d & 20 ... they don't trust their QB1

      Garbage time did produce one more TD, but finished with four consecutive incompletions. If the FR were ready, he'd play. Unfortunately for the Vols, he's not

      Joe is Joe. Cade is Cade. We're fortunate to have moved on

    5. I'll agree on those couple points but see above. Nobody was calling this - certainly not the guy saying Joe needed to go to D3 to get a starting job. Spring of 2022 you'd have gotten 10 to 1 odds in the Michigan fanbase that Joe would be so clearly a superior a QB to Cade.

  2. Don Brown is 2-14 at UMass at this point. I wonder how much latitude he has? How patient is UMass with respect to the results on the field?

    1. Good question. Hard to guess at the thought process of a program that has not topped 4 wins in a season since 1904. Walt Bell got 3 years to total 2 wins, so in that sense Don Brown has already demonstrated improvement.

    2. Don Brown has, I think, a bit more latitude since he had success at UMass at his first stint there (2004 - 2008), where he went 43-19. Can he repeat? I guess some may think "Maybe?" and give him more rope.

  3. AUG 16, 2023: It appears the injury bug has claimed its first victim of Washington's fall camp. Following Wednesday's practice, offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb informed the media that wide receiver Giles Jackson injured his thumb and could end up missing the entire 2023 season.

    When asked about utilizing a medical redshirt for the senior receiver, Grubb said, "We've got to be totally open to all options."

    During the spring, Kalen DeBoer praised the senior receiver as one of the team's most consistent performers in practice

    1. Crap. Do we trust the coaches or remind him that Jackson is a RB?

    2. Thank you to the Sacramento area government for declaring it a rent free zone forever!

    3. I am forever shamed. I am forever shamed.