Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Coach Hoover's Football Site: 4 Verticals and Some Rambling on the Passing Game

Coach Hoover's Football Site talks about four verts. With Michigan liking them some long-developing passing plays (although not necessarily four verts), I thought this might be interesting reading.

Hit the jump for a girl drinking out of a Coca-Cola cup.

Erica Ocampo


    Any confirmation on this story? It wouldn't surprise me to lose 1~2 guys over the offseason but this many? Are the wheels really falling off? What I don't get is that Kalis has a good chance for a spot next year and it is Green's backfield next year.

    1. My advice would be not to read that website. The guy who wrote that article likes to stir up trouble. That's how he gets site hits.

  2. Have a coke, and a smile, and shut the hell up!