Saturday, August 1, 2015

MLive: Special teams preview

Nick Baumgardner previews Michigan's special teams (LINK).

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  1. I have thought all along that Baxter was Harbaugh's best pickup so far. Particularly since they had nothing like the previous relationships that Harbaugh shared with Durkin and Drevno. The Punt Team fiasco against Utah still makes me sick and contributed mightily toward setting the tone for the entire season ..... IMO.

    Thinking about 3+ TDs per year on average from Special Teams over a 12 year period makes me a little giddy. Particularly in the shadow of the lame ST play we've had around here for 6 or so years. And I don't need to hit the average to be happy. Just bust one without somebody bringing it back with a hold or a clip. That's all I want. Sure, I'm gonna want more later, but I don't think that's all so unreasonable.

    I also find it real interesting that young Harbaugh while being identified as the TE coach, was clearly designated as the Assistant Special Teams coach as well. If you think that through some, that's a pretty good highway to the top, particularly for a kid that didn't play at a high level, and consequently doesn't have great position notoriety in his back pocket ala our two DB coaches and of course Wheatley.

    I think we pick up one win minimum via improved Special Teams play this year. It may not even be an in your face big play either, it could very well be just consistently good punting with the well executed coverage that has been missing at times lately, that simply keeps people on their heels.