Sunday, August 2, 2015

MLive: Ty Isaac has to prove himself to Jim Harbaugh

Nick Baumgardner talks about Ty Isaac (LINK). It may be noteworthy to a certain reader that Harbaugh says he only practiced for "a day" in the spring due to injury.

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  1. Wait. Does this mean Isaac is or is not fat?

  2. Fat. Definitely fat.

  3. LOL. There is nothing "noteworthy" about Isaac being hurt. What's funny is that people see this and his current weight as a reasons to be optimistic. It may be noteworthy to some of you that injuries are typically not good things. For some of you, it seems to be. Whatever it takes to keep the promises of recruiting hype alive another day...

    If only Shane Morris had gotten hurt instead of playing against Utah and Minnesota. He'd still be a 5-star future star NFL first rounder for sure, then!

    The Rivals "insiders" doubled down on their doubts about Issac recently, as some of you I'm sure saw. More rumors about him looking at a transfer and not willing to put in work. Can he turn it around? -- sure. I always said that, but the writing is on the wall here. This is not your savior, people. Higdon probably isn't either, but at least that kid has a clear track record and sounds like a guy who will come in to work.

    The only interesting part of this article is Harbaugh's "I'd like to see 3" comment. Hoke and Borges wanted to "see 1" primary back... and they never did. Buried lede.


    "His size is impressive," Lanknows adds.