Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Football Study Hall: Recruiting Matters - The Rankings Still Get it Right

Matt Hinton explores recruiting rankings and how well the top recruiting teams perform on the field.

Hit the jump for a blonde with pretty eyes.

Holly Eriksson


  1. Success on the field is a function of the quality of the players, and recruiting rankings are a reasonably good proxy for that playing quality. But I wonder how much player quality *depth* works into this. In other words, what's better -- really good one-deep, or pretty good three-deep?

    1. "really good one-deep, or pretty good three-deep?"

      I think she likes both. :)

  2. She has a gorgeous set of....eyes....yeah that's it!

    Brown eyes don't normally do it for me, but hers are real and they're spectacular!

  3. Guys ... there's this thing called a "hyperlink" that will take your browser to an article that talks about ... oh, I don't know ... something called FOOTBALL. Get yours eyes off the doe-eyed girl and back to FOOTBALL! :-)

  4. HaHa. Football: Playing, watching, making it to the league, the $$$, etc. all starts all about...getting the girl.