Sunday, February 23, 2014

Self-Indulgent Post of the Week: Top Five 2014 SI Swimsuit Issue Pictures

I have no reason to post this other than the fact that the Sports Illustrated  swimsuit issue is awesome. So here are my top five pictures from this year's issue. (Photos with nudity were disqualified for obvious reasons.)

In honor of multiple family members, 50% of today's ad revenue and donations will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, an organization rated an A+ by Charity Watch.

This isn't quite the Kate Upton picture from the magazine, but it's from the same shoot and approximate pose. 
I couldn't find the exact same photo as appears in the magazine, but
this Alex Morgan photo is close to it.
Yet another dose of Kate Upton.

Gigi Hadid and Sara Sampaio make a good combination.

The 50th Annversary of the swimsuit issue included pictures of all-time favorites,
including a top pick for me: Marisa Miller.


  1. This website should definitely feature a more regular dose of Alex Morgan. Stunning woman and incredible athlete!

  2. you just continue being as self indulgent as you want my friend!!! :)

  3. Your indulgence; our benefit! :-)

  4. I don't understand why something like that would be disqualified?

  5. comment nazi. where is my right to free speech

    1. You have no rights here. This land is my land.