Sunday, February 2, 2014

Preview: Super Bowl XLVIII

The analysts and prognosticators on ESPN, Fox Sports 1, and wherever else are going to do a more in-depth job than I could ever do. And frankly, you're probably just ready for the game to begin and for everyone to stop whining about having to play/watch football in cold weather. But in TTB style, here's a look at the players in the Super Bowl with at least vague Michigan connections:

Montee Ball - RB - Wisconsin
Aaron Brewer - LS - San Diego State#
David Bruton - S - Notre Dame
Marquice Cole - CB - Northwestern
Eric Decker - WR - Minnesota
Ronnie Hillman - RB - San Diego State#
Shaun Phillips - DE - Purdue
Mike Farrell - OT - Penn State
Rahim Moore - S - UCLA*
Jordan Norwood - WR - Penn State
Kevin Vickerson - DT - Michigan State

Cliff Avril - DE - Purdue
Kellen Davis - TE - Michigan State
Jordan Hill - DT - Penn State
Jermaine Kearse - WR - Washington**
Chris Maragos - S - Wisconsin
Michael Robinson - FB - Penn State
O'Brien Schofield - LB - Wisconsin
Golden Tate - WR - Notre Dame
Russell Wilson - QB - Wisconsin
B.J. Daniels - QB - South Florida*
Spencer Ware - FB - LSU*

*Recruited by Michigan
**Doug Nussmeier's leading receiver at Washington
#Played for Brady Hoke at San Diego State

I'm not a fan or enemy of either team, and the lack of direct Michigan connection makes me care not one whit who wins. Until now, because I'm going to pick the Broncos in a 20-17 game.


  1. Mike Farrell, that's funny

  2. Lmao. I don't particularly care either, but yeah. I hope the Broncos win, as I see Pete Carroll as a douche based on his cut-and-run tactic at USC.

  3. I have been a nominal Broncos fan ever since they drafted Rob Lytle (#41) back in 1977.

  4. No Michigan players active or inactive. Not very impressive.

    Go Patriots!

  5. That was over quick. after I hung around for Bruno Mars and the Chili Peppers I went into my office and watched Last Man Standing.

    Clearly we just saw one of the greatest defenses in the history of the NFL, probably as good as the 76 Steel Curtain, the 85 Bears, 2000 Ravens or anybody else you might care to name get hot on the big stage. But it would have been nice if the Broncos had bothered to show up.

    Props to Anthony Kiedis and Flea for staying with the conditioning program.

  6. Hey, you were right! The Denver Broncos are the winner hands down.