Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rivals 250 updated for 2015

Lakewood (OH) St. Edward cornerback Shaun Crawford
Rivals released their updated top 250 prospects today at noon. Here's what it looked like back in December. I sorted out the Rivals 100 yesterday. Movement for Michigan commits:

- Shaun Crawford fell from #96 to #106
- Tyree Kinnel fell from #174 to #188

Here are the rest of the Michigan offerees.

106. Shaun Crawford - CB - Ohio (Michigan)
119. John Reid - CB - Pennsylvania
123. Mike Weber - RB - Michigan
130. Juwan Johnson - WR - New Jersey
139. Devante Peete - WR - Florida
150. Hale Hentges - TE - Missouri
152. Keenan Walker - OT - Arizona
153. Devonaire Clarington - TE - Florida
171. Hjalte Froholdt - DT - Ohio (Arkansas)
176. Chris Clark - TE - Connecticut
188. Tyree Kinnel - S - Ohio (Michigan)
190. Juval Mollette - WR - North Carolina
191. Josh Barajas - LB - Indiana
200. Ryan Bates - OT - Pennsylvania (Penn State)
210. Jaason Lewis - ATH - Virginia (UCLA)
219. Tyrone Wheatley - DE - New York
222. Jordan Whitehead - CB - Pennsylvania
225. Adonis Thomas - ATH - Georgia
235. Cameron Townsend - LB - Texas
240. Anthony Wheeler - LB - Texas


  1. Shaun Crawford is a prospect I am very excited about. He is extremely physical for his 5'9" frame, often coming in for help with run support. His zone coverage skills are great. His athleticism is great. The only thing that could hold him back is his size - but I don't see that happening at the collegiate level. He has all the skills and instincts to be successful at the next level. I haven't seen him a lot in man coverage, but I've heard he can stay in a receiver's back pocket. If that is in fact true, and he grows another 2 or 3 inches, he's going to be a late first or second round draft pick.

    - JC

    1. I agree. Hopely he can grow a lil bit more.

    2. Sometimes kids do have a late growth spurt. My HS buddy went from around 5' 10" in HS to just over 6' tall by the time he was 20.

  2. I am surprised Mikey Weber has move up to #123 after not being thought of as much for a year or two. Lack of speed was one negative which I do not believe has been improved. Hope state doesn't land him and if we don't take him he goes out of state and out of conference.

    1. He doesn't have elite speed, and being physically developed, there's not much he is going to be able to improve his speed.

      Don't need elite speed to be a good running back though. He still has good quickness, balance, and he keeps his legs churning. Looks like a pretty good back to me.

  3. Crawford gets the second best SPARQ rating just last week, get's invited to the opening, and yet still drops spots in the recruiting rankings? Goes to show you not to trust the ranking sites... "Commit Shaun Crawford posted the second-best SPARQ rating at the Massillon (OH) Nike combine en route to becoming the third 2015 prospect invited to The Opening. "

    1. I have seen a trend the past few years... the U-M recruits drop, sometimes significantly. I believe it has to do with on field results, poor program reflecting on poor coaching and picking talent.