Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Recruiting Update: November 5, 2014

Elkton (MD) Eastern Christian Academy linebacker Dele' Harding
It's been a pretty slow week in recruiting for Michigan, except for a lone commitment. Otherwise, the coaches went out and did some evaluations during their bye week with the extra time. The coaches need to keep recruiting, but the writing seems to be on the wall that this staff is fighting and scraping for their jobs.

Elkton (MD) Eastern Christian Academy linebacker Dele' Harding committed to Michigan last Friday (LINK).

Here's a list of players who visited Michigan last weekend for the game against Indiana (LINK).

On a disappointing note, I made some minor updates to the Ex-Wolverine Encyclopedia (LINK), which now includes 5 decommits in the class of 2015. Yikes.

Over on Recruiting Season, I updated the profiles of Farmington Hills Harrison's Khalid Kareem, St. Joseph's Wes French, and Orchard Lake St. Mary's K.J. Hamler.


  1. What happened to the old saying that recruits will come if they see immediately playing time? With this team, would any recruit not think they would not be in the mix to start from day one?

    1. This is going to sound a little dumb, but at which position could a freshman start immediately? QB is a possibility, but Michigan is set with Malzone. Running back has a lot of bodies, plus Weber committed. Wide receiver has a lot of bodies, including some fairly well established players. Freshman don't generally start on the OL. TE has Jake Butt. The defense is full of upperclassmen everywhere except the FS position, basically.

      It's not a great team, but you probably can't find an immediate starting job unless you're really awesome.

    2. News Flash... the current players are 4-5 overall and 2-3 in the B1G... to put it kindly.. THEY STINK!! Do I need to post how this team has lost 12 straight road games to ranked opponents? And the loss to ND was the 1st time we've EVER been shutout by the Irish? Peppers stepped in and started, others could too, very easily. Are you telling me a 5* stud safety couldn't start from day one??

    3. @ Anonymous 5:35 p.m.

      Did you or did you not see me say that the FS position lacks an upperclassman? I've also been railing against Jeremy Clark and Delano Hill this season. Regardless, there still aren't a ton of open positions.

  2. Thanks for sharing your page pleaseant.

  3. Things are getting very ugly upon the recruiting front. I expected some of this, but at this rate we might only have 3~4 guys committed by the time season ends. We HAVE to fire Brady Hoke, just because of recruiting if not for anything else.

    I hope Schlissel and Hackett find an AD soon, and he fires Brady Hoke ASAP and bring a new HC in.