Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rivals: Under Armour Game Awards

Rivals hands out "awards" for the week of Under Armour practice, and the only mention that any Michigan-bound player gets is in the "Biggest Disappointment" category.  Not that these awards mean a great deal, but it's not exactly a ringing endorsement.


  1. To be fair, if any qbs got a first down in that game it was impressive.

  2. Does anyone feel a little bit on edge after seeing Shane perform at the UA game and during the season. I know many will not like to read this and I know he was ill during the season and possibly still at this time recovering. He did not look D1 game ready to me. Let's hope a redshirt is in order. This coaching staff has kind of bet the farm on him taking over after Devin graduates. Just my opinion, let the slauhter begin.

    1. Bet the farm? They could take another quarterback next year and the year after.

      I don't feel on edge one bit. These all-star games where kids come in and practice a couple of times together (if that) are good for specific skill players to show their athleticism, but it's harder on QBs and linemen who aren't used to playing together. IIRC, Devin Gardner didn't look good during the UA game he played in, either.

      Have you ever had mono? It sucks and can take a while to fully recover; it can set you back months physically due to atrophy from not moving around.

    2. None of the QB's looked good in that game.

    3. None of the QB's looked good in that game.

  3. I understand the whole UA game and the lack of rhythm that there is for an offensive unit. I also understand that they can take another QB, but there seems to be nobody on the radar for 2013 and so far no offers for 2014 either. If this kid never pans out or doesn't get healthy enough to play consistently that is a concern with our roster.

    As for the Mono comment, I have had mono before. It took be almost 18 months to get back to near 100 percent. That was all the while playing basketball. Yeah, I also know what it takes to play at a D1 level in basketball as well. I did that too.

    Other than he has a canon for an arm, I have not seen him play exceptional talent and has had some missteps at some of the camps he has attend. He has also had some good outing, but nothing consistent as I have seen.