Thursday, April 4, 2013 Michigan final embracing Al Borges's preferred offense

Aly Michalka
Andy Staples discusses the move from a Denard Robinson-centric offense to the more well rounded offense desired by offensive coordinator Al Borges.


  1. I don't know if you guys noticed it, but in his last presser Big Al mentioned that Dennis Norfleet looked pretty good in there running up between the tackles.


    I've said it before, I love big Al in an interview, and I like him as an OC, believing that he really is way smarter than the average bear.

    But .............. really?

    Can't we just get the little guy out there in space somewhere with the football, one on one, with some guy lacking even a snowball's chance in hell of putting a hit on him so we can all enjoy watching him do what he does best on his way to the end zone?

    Have I ever mentioned that I hate I formation football?

    1. I wouldn't read too much into that. At some point in the spring, they're going to say nice things about everyone.

    2. Just because you are a smaller RB doesn't mean you are bad at running between the tackles. Hart and Jaquiz Rogers are two that come to mind who fit that mold. That's not to say that Norfleet is as good as either of those guys, or actually can run between the tackles, but just because he's smaller doesn't mean he can't run that way.

    3. I got that.

      What I'm taking note of here is mindset.

      I am certain Dennis Norfleet has done nice things all over the field. However, that which comes out off the top of Big Al's head in a presser is Dennis Norfleet looking good between the tackles.

      And while I know for a fact that we're gonna run it up inside better than we have for years by virtue of an offensive line both recruited and designed specifically to do that very thing, my heart sinks a little at the slavish devotion to power and the play action pass.

      This is a personal problem I know.

    4. For what it's worth, Hoke and Borges, in the past, have run much more finesse-oriented offenses than their reputations would suggest. Ball State did more throwing than passing and San Diego State had a really nice mix when those guys were there. I'm expecting to see more passing than most people.