Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Video: Brady Hoke speaks after first spring practice


  1. A lot of changes. A lot to fix. Good luck coach. Hopely Hoke can silence dissidents by a 9+ wins season in 2014 that will push Michigan for a very special season in 2015.

  2. David Dawson at LT. I would have bet Braden.

    Glasgow starts the spring at center. Can he hold it?

    1. Braden is more of a right tackle. Who would you put at RT if you put Braden at LT?

      Yeah, I think Glasgow will keep the starting center job. If Kugler takes over, that probably bumps Glasgow to LG or maybe RT.

    2. I was guessing Dawson or Glasgow to right tackle ..... in that order. I think Glasgow is an outside guy, as opposed to Hoke's comment that "he can bump outside", but as previously disclosed, I'm not always real sure about what I'm looking at when it comes to the offensive line.

      Braden is so long and so big with some punch. I don't think there are may DEs around who are going to bull rush him, If nothing else it's a long run to get around him.

      I'd really like to get Fox healthy and fit.