Saturday, November 29, 2014

Michigan Daily: What went wrong - Drew Dileo discusses 2-point conversion vs. OSU

Drew Dileo talks about the two-point conversation attempt in the 2013 game against Ohio State (LINK).

Hit the jump for a few good looking ladies.

Eva Andressa


  1. You must be running low on good lucking ladies, you usually post a lot more pics after a loss.

    1. Give me a few minutes, and all your dreams will come true.

  2. Reason #137659 why Hoke needs to go:

    "Doomed from the start?

    Two things went wrong during the two-point conversion.

    After Michigan lined up to go for two and Ohio State called timeout, the Wolverines came out in the exact same formation to run the exact same play.

    Except that time, the Buckeyes had an additional player on the right side of the field. That time, they had a numerical advantage: four defenders to three receivers."

    Other teams adjust or teach their players to adjust. Hoke never could adjust. Always reacting. Never ahead of the play. Always behind.

  3. Wow, Who is the Blonde with the coffee cup pictured here ??