Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Countdown is Coming

It's that time of year. The 2015 season countdown will begin here very shortly, and this is my annual explanation and disclaimer. The countdown will consist of at least one daily profile of a player on the team, from least important to most important for the 2015 season. This is not a rundown from worst to best, or from least favorite to most favorite. The #1 player on the list will be the least expendable guy. For example, Jake Ryan might very well have been Michigan's best player last season, but the presence of other talented, experienced linebackers (Desmond Morgan, Joe Bolden, James Ross, Ben Gedeon, etc.) allowed me to put him at #6 in the 2014 season countdown. On the flip side, Devin Gardner had some clear weaknesses, but the dropoff from Gardner to backup Shane Morris was evident on a team lacking playmakers, so Gardner was ranked #1. For the complete 2014 countdown list, you can go here (LINK).

So from here until September 3, you can expect roughly one player profile per day. Happy countdowning!

NOTE: All players who have not yet been announced as departing will be accounted for in the countdown, and any unannounced incoming transfers will have to be shoehorned in at a later date.


  1. Excellent! Can't wait to see the list.

    Last year the role of Gardner as #1 was somewhat expected, but this year -- with the QB situation more wide-open and things a little less settled -- the #1 spot could go several ways. #drama :-)

  2. Sah-weet! I always enjoy your blog! Looking forward to the countdown..

  3. I've enjoyed this in past years and am looking forward to another.

    I'm expecting to see Butt, Lewis, Peppers, and Wilson near the top.

  4. Indispensable. Was Morris that big of a drop off from Gardner? Think about this question. Is this like going from the bottom of the drain into the top of the drain pipe?

    Bottom line is that Gardner was gawd awful terrible and you could throw in Bellomy and it wouldn't have mattered. I guess prior to the season the ranking was deserved but not after the season.

    Instead of losing by 14 pts then UM would have lost by 21 pts. Like going from Hoke to Greg Robinson.

    1. Yes, Morris is/was a severe dropoff from Gardner. That doesn't mean Gardner was great. It means that so far, Shane Morris has been very, very bad.

    2. How can you consider Gardner to be "gawd awful terrible"?

      Was he good last season? No. But the chasm between him and Morris was huge. Gardners 61% completions, 10:15 TD:INT 118 QB ratingand 1900 yards were not very good, but here's Morris' stat line: 35% completions, 0:3 TD:INT 46 qb rating and 128 yards. That's beyond terrible. Both Nick Sheridan and Steven Threet had better stats in 2008 than Morris did in 2014. Michigan wouldn't have won half their games if Gardner hadn't gotten his medical RS and been eligible this year.

    3. What would help with this would be watching Morris play.


      Hmm, well, guess not. Some people don't change their mind no matter what.

  5. I'm hoping a d tackle can make a difference.

  6. Still amazed that people say Gardner was sooo bad,,, what can u expect from a coach who couldn't coach, a line that couldn't block, rb's that were terrible....if Gardner wasn't around last year, not sure if MI Would have won 2 games.... See belamy vs Nebraska and Morris vs Minnesota... That's awful...I'm not saying Gardner was all world but the guy played his heart out many times and had very little around him..
    Kinda wish he would have left to play for rich rod in AZ or somewhere that could have developed him better...

  7. YES! Bring it on. I've been counting down to the countdown since December.