Monday, July 7, 2014

2014 Season Countdown: #49 Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Clark (#34)
Name: Jeremy Clark
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 206 lbs.
High school: Madisonville (KY) North Hopkins
Position: Safety
Class: Redshirt sophomore
Jersey number: #34
Last year: I ranked Clark #50 and said he would be a backup strong safety and special teams player. He played on special teams coverage and played one game as a backup safety, but he did not accrue any statistics.

Michigan went into 2013 with some experience at safety, but not much depth. Now Michigan is in the same boat, minus the experience. The only returning player with significant playing time is junior Jarrod Wilson; full-time safety Thomas Gordon graduated, part-time safety Courtney Avery graduated, and primary backup Josh Furman transferred. Clark didn't play much, and the safety position is a very large question mark going into 2014.

Aside from Wilson, who is all but assured a starting position, Clark seems to be battling sophomore Delano Hill for safety. The possibility exists that Michigan will shift a cornerback - where depth is, uh, deep - to safety; in the meantime, it seems Hill will beat out Clark by a nose. Even so, those three players appear to be the main competitors for playing time on the back end, and as we saw last year with Furman, a backup will probably be needed for a stretch of time. Clark is the largest defensive back, reportedly has decent speed, and looks like a solid tackler. I doubt he will turn into a playmaker, but he could play a role as a fill-in and special teamer.

Prediction: Backup strong safety, special teams player


  1. No mention of Dymonte Thomas...Is your thought that he'll stay at cornerback?

  2. Exactly, Dymonte was the highest rated safety by a wide margin and OSU wanted him badly. Surely he'll see some action since they burned his rs.

  3. I was really pulling for Clark.... I like the unheralded kids that they jump on in the summer camp. If he were on the starter track, I would think we'd have seen him a little more last year. Agree that he will get his shot at some point this year - hope he makes the most of it. 6'4" safeties are probably rare for a reason.

    I don't have a ton of confidence that any of the group of Clark, Hill, or Thomas will turn in to a stud. But at least they have some competition there. UM has a long history of poor safety depth, so it is nice to see a lot of DB options.

  4. Hopefully, he's a quality backup if Wilson is hurt. He was an offer the coaches went out on a limb on, seeming to love his size, but it appears he might get passed by some younger (and smaller) players. Hill, Thomas, and Peppers have all been mentioned as potential starters. Also, I think Countess or Taylor may slide over to safety to make room for Lewis or Stribling at CB. Both are too small - but so was Avery. Regardless, it doesn't seem like Clark is in the group of top 5 or 6 DBs that will play most downs.

  5. I still couldn't believe when I saw Furman starting against Ohio State, and then of course almost instantly getting burned for a deep touchdown.