Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bleacher Report: Predicting the 2014 All-Breakout Team

Barrett Sallee tries to predict the 2014 breakout performers from around the country. It's a nearly impossible task due to the sheer number of teams and players in the country, and it's based a lot on recruiting hype . . . but it's still an interesting endeavor.

Hit the jump for some very good looking ladies.

Demi Rose Mawby


  1. 1). Two first names
    2). Will weigh near 200 lbs when she's 45
    3). Butter face and extremely messy

    1. 1) And!?

      2) How did you come up with that math? Because she has a nice rack and a bubble butt? She'll more than likely lose those before she's 45.

      3) I concur.

    2. 1. Who cares?

      2. Who cares?

      3. Who cares (in the dark)?

    3. Hahaha!!! Awesome response Thunder. First choice would be #3 though