Saturday, July 12, 2014

Video: Rising Stars 4th of July Holiday Shootout Highlights

This workout took place over the Fourth of July weekend and included a bunch of Michigan players and products from in-state, including Jabrill Peppers, Devin Funchess, Maurice Ways, Damon Webb (Ohio State), Tim Cason (Purdue), etc.


  1. What are the takeaways and implications for college football? Don't they pay you the big bucks to give us this kind of info?

  2. Mo Ways also a monster in the red zone

  3. Props where props are due, that kid from Ball State and Damon Webb are problems! Peppers and Funchess look like they will both make some serious noise this year. Covering Funchess an entire game will be hard for opposing corners. Long day at the office indeed!