Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bleacher Report: The Best Football Prospect Nobody has Ever Heard of

Here's a story about a high school senior quarterback in New Mexico who can't get any scholarship offers despite some outstanding numbers (LINK). You'll also see a mention of Michigan quarterback commit Zach Gentry.

Hit the jump for some good looking ladies, especially the first one. You're welcome.


  1. I get that NM is a bit off the grid, but something doesn't ring true. No interest from the Lobos? No Mountain West schools? Just seems odd.

  2. Yeah, something doesn't seem right with this story. Actually, it doesn't even seem possible.

    1. We're not alone in our skepticism ... similar things in the comments for that article.

      One of the comments there suggests it's because everyone runs the option now, and nobody wants a pro-style passer. That, of course, is bunk ... (a) because not *everyone* runs the option, and (b) a skilled QB is of value, regardless the style.