Friday, January 23, 2015

Scouting Report: Chris Williamson

Gainesville (GA) Gainesville cornerback Chris Williamson
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Name: Chris Williamson
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs.
High school: Gainesville (GA) Gainesville
Position: Wide receiver/cornerback
Class: 2015

Notes: Holds offers from Auburn, BYU, Cal, Cincinnati, Florida, Georgia, Iowa State, Kentucky, Miami-OH, Michigan, North Carolina, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Purdue, UCF, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest . . . ESPN 3-star, 79 grade, #57 ATH . . . Rivals 4-star, #36 ATH . . . 247 Sports 3-star, 89 grade, #39 ATH . . . Claims a 4.4 forty . . . 36" vertical . . . 315 lb. bench press . . . 465 lb. squat . . . 10.83 time in 100 meters . . . "Big Play Ray" Buchanan called Williamson a "poor man's Champ Bailey" (LINK)

Strengths: Adjusts well to ball in air . . . Good body control . . . Capable of making acrobatic plays . . . Able to high-point the ball . . . Very good leaping ability . . . Transitions well out of backpedal to break on ball . . . Fluid hips lead to good recovery speed . . . Excellent in zone coverage . . . As a receiver, consistently works to get open . . . Tough to jam off line of scrimmage due to lateral movement . . . Finds holes in defensive coverages . . . Good balance . . . Very good acceleration . . . Able to cut at full speed

Weaknesses: Needs to get stronger . . . Willing tackler but lacks proper technique and strength . . . Does not run feet through contact . . . Film does not show abilities in press man coverage . . . Appears to be holding back at times, but that may be due to playing both ways

Projection: Cornerback. I say this largely because of his size and body type, but he could easily play receiver in college. Williamson shows enough awareness and potential to slot in wherever a team needs him most. He has short legs, which lend themselves to good short-area quickness and change of direction, but he also has very good long speed. Williamson could also be one of those guys who becomes a multi-purpose returner, because he has the vision and quickness to return punts with the straight-line speed to do kickoff returns.

Reminds me of: Chris Davis from Auburn. I can't think of a great equivalent with respect to Michigan, so I'll go with the corner from Auburn who made his name with the 109-yard field goal return for a touchdown against Alabama in 2013 (LINK). I think they have similar physical skills, although I see Williamson having better ball skills.

Likelihood of committing to Michigan: Analysts have stated that it will be tough to pull Williamson away from the home-state Bulldogs, and Auburn also jumped into the picture with an offer a few weeks ago. He has visited Cal and North Carolina, he'll be in Michigan this weekend, and then he's going to Florida the last weekend in January. It seems to be kind of a crap shoot right now, but Michigan is right in the thick of it due to former Florida defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin leading the charge.



  1. You said he needs to get stronger Thunder but I thought that a 315 bench and a 465 squat were pretty decent numbers for a high school corner. Do you mean that his weight room strength needs to translate on the field?

    1. Yeah, I'm talking about his functional strength, which needs to translate into his tackling, coverage technique, etc.

    2. Those are good, but I'd like to know his power clean number, which gives you a better indication of the stuff that counts.

  2. After watching his film the kid has great speed and a great I.Q. ( dissects plays quickly on defense ). I believe his strength is WR because of his speed and athleticism. If he plays on the defense I can see him playing FS in college because he plays 10 yards off the receiver and rarely ever bumps them at the line of scrimmage. Plus his speed ( sideline to sideline ) would make him a weapon in the backfield. I hope he chooses Michigan

    Dj Superb Soundz