Thursday, January 22, 2015

Eleven Warriors: Breaking down Ohio State vs. Oregon national championship game film

Eleven Warriors takes a look at how Ohio State eviscerated Oregon in the national championship game (LINK). It might not be fun to think about for Michigan fans, but it's interesting if you're a pure football fan.

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  1. WHAT?!? That behind on #2 is out of control... I want to bite it!

  2. I'm sure the adjustments to Oregon's offense had a lot to do with the outcome of this game, but the real difference in my mind is the fact that the Buckeyes just plain out hit Oregon at every position.

    Eleven Warriors takes note of the fact that OSU studied game film of Stanford/Oregon games and developed their defensive game plan based on those games. It's my opinion that what they saw was a team that likes to suck the air out of people and then run by them as opposed to a team that wants to come on out and hit people.

    They giff the play that stood out in my mind during this game. That being an inside zone read on which Oregon sent a good sized wide receiver to block down on Darron Lee. Lee just dropped the guy on his butt with a two hand shiver to the throat and then calmly wrapped up the ball carrier for half a yard ..... maybe. Oregon was absolutely not prepared for that kind of a game and that is exactly what was going on all over the field all night long.

  3. I'm not going to RCMB or 11W ever again until we beat them.