Friday, January 23, 2015

SB Nation: Under Jim Harbaugh, the Michigan way will actually work

Ian Boyd looks at how Michigan's offense will work under Jim Harbaugh (LINK).

Beyond the jump are three very good looking women.


  1. Sometimes I have to slap myself to realize that we actually have Jim Harbaugh as the head coach of my beloved Wolverines. The contract gave him 5 years no matter what -- the buyout is out of this universe. If he can transform that 1-11 Stanford team into a BCS bowl winners by year 4, he can quickly turn around Michigan team that's stocked with a lot of talent sooner than that. Go Blue. I am expecting 10 wins in 2015.

    1. Hate to say it, but 10 wins just ain't gonna happen in 2015. We have NO star-caliber players returning..not one on the whole roster. No position group has proven talent and production returning, and we don't have a single even decent game among all the QBs on the roster. We've won fewer than 10 games with far better talent quite a few times in the past.

    2. I disagree. Our roster is actually pretty good -- deep at OL, RB, secondary, LB with plenty of talent imo.

      If Harbaugh can get the QB situation fixed, which he will, we can easily win a lot of games. We have 4-star and 5-star recruits all over the place. Hoke just couldn't make the offense work -- Harbaugh will make the offense work.

  2. Ian Boyd from the University of Texas thinks it's about a style of play. He couldn't be more mistaken. It's about the way you live and how you choose to go about your business.

    Football is simply the metaphor of choice around here, although John Beilein has demonstrated it quite nicely over at Crisler as well.