Monday, January 26, 2015

MLive: Harbaugh's QB battle will be heated and uncomfortable, just what Michigan needs

Here's an article on the impending quarterback battle heading into spring ball (LINK).

Hit the jump for a few girls showing off some nice cleavage, including a bouncy gif.


  1. Who is the young lady in the animated GIF?

  2. Competition is all well and good, but I'd rather have one guy with proven talent than four or five with none. The fact that you have a bunch of guys competing doesn't give you any guarantee that the winner is going to actually be as good a QB as we need.

    1. The point is that JH is going to be much more aggressive with QB recruiting than the last staff was. Also, UM has had to deal with (reported) immaturity issues with some of their young QB's over the last several years (Forcier, Gardner, Morris). JH's intense approach will fix that. Agree that one good QB is better than four mediocre ones. But there is optimism because starting in '15, they will now have 3-4 QB's on the roster who came in with good passing chops.

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  4. That one lady appears to be in the men's bathroom as that is an urinal I see behind her.