Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ask a Question: Jeremy Clark

I should be speaking with incoming freshman safety Jeremy Clark in the next few days, so leave a question for him in the comments section if you'd like me to address something specific during the interview.  To learn more about Jeremy, check out his (somewhat outdated) TTB commitment post or MGoBlog's recent profile post in which Brian has a few Jeremy Clark-related questions of his own.


  1. How tall are you? I've noticed recruiting sites vary on your height

    1. Have coaches told you if you would try WR?

  2. Have the coaches talked about playing some WR with you at all?

  3. 1) Which safety position are you being targeted for (primarily)?
    2) What are/were the results of your working against the Michigan offense?
    3) At this stage, how would you compare yourself up against the other safeties that are there?
    4) In which areas do you need improvement at this stage?
    5) Has there been any discussion that there could be a time in the future that you could be moved to LB?
    6) Any particular team mate has taken you under his wing?

  4. Wheres your favorite place to eat right now?

  5. Ask him how bad he's going to beat Thunder when he finds out about the TTB ranking.

    (don't really)

  6. Why did he decide that he was going to take the greyshirt offer even when he had offers from other schools?

  7. What drew you to Michigan? What was it like when they offered you the grayshirt? What was it like when they brought on for the real deal? What do you think of coach Mattison?