Monday, June 25, 2012

Maize 'n' Brew: Recruiting Roundtable, Part 1

Gemma Atkinson

This is a bit late getting posted because I was out of town, but Maize 'n' Brew posted a recruiting roundup last week that featured questions with yours truly and people from Tremendous and Maize Pages, too.

I would like to give myself a small pat on the back for my very first answer, where I said that one of the guys to fill out the class would have to be a sleeper cornerback.  Channing Stribling was offered two days later and committed.  Now we'll wait and see if I got any other questions correct . . .


  1. It was a great read. All of the main Michigan bloggers I read all located at the one I've read the longest. The one that lead me here...and...DEAR GOD Gemma is blessed!

  2. Nice call. As usual in those kind of contexts, you provide the voice of reason. Seemed like everyone besides you said "5 star WR, 5 star DB, and 4 star WR/DB" and mostly named whoever the latest people being discussed were. Basically, they expect the best case scenario.

    I've never understood the raging optimism for UM landing Treadwell. Everything I've read from his quotes is pretty neutral or wait-and-see.

    I still think we'll add a player to DL and I agree with your take that it might not be a highly rated guy. If we don't get the high profile recruit the coaches will find some good players who emerge/improve during their senior season. It also wouldn't totally shock me if they ended up adding a 6th OL if anyone out of Braden, Bars, Magnuson, or Kalis doesn't look as good as hoped.

    1. Thanks.

      I'm not extremely convinced that Treadwell will pick Michigan. Not too long ago, I put the odds at 30%. But he's Michigan's best bet at WR right now, I think.

    2. Apparently the coaches ARE targeting a potential 6th OL - Khaliel Rogers. That seems strange to me at this point, though generally speaking I like loading up on the OL. He seems like a good prospect.

      Who knows, maybe they'll flip an OL to DL if things work out well with the others.

    3. I don't think the coaches are actually pursuing Rogers at this point.