Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Video: Michigan Men's Football Experience


  1. totally cool and a great experience for these guys. I can only wonder what is on the agenda at the OSU football experience down south?

  2. I don't know man...a lot of that seems really cool. Like sitting down with the coaches and just listening to them talk about football and stuff. Having some fun playing in the big house and doing the same drills the players do.

    I think it starts to get a little cheesey when they run arm in arm from the tunnel and touch the banner. I don't know why, but to me that just screams mid-life crisis or something.

    Also, if I paid good money to come to an event like that and Dave Brandon took up part of that time I'd be apt to ask for a refund. UM fans have to see enough of that clown in the media without having to see him there as well.

    All in all it looks like it was probably a pretty damn cool experience. I just think walking out of the tunnel would have been enough with out the hand-holding and touching the banner.

  3. I wonder how much something like that would cost? Anyone have any idea?

    1. If I remember correctly it was $5,000 per man to attend.