Tuesday, April 22, 2014

MLive: Hoke says this year's team has good chemistry

As opposed to what Hoke said about the team chemistry in 2013, Nick Baumgardner reports that Michigan's head coach likes the chemistry of the 2014 team.

Hit the jump for Elena Petrova's abs.

Elena Petrova

Elena Petrova

Elena Petrova


  1. See, this amount of fitness is nice. The super buff girls I feel appeals to a very small target audience, who specialize in REX-KWAN-DOE.

    Now, onto matters more important than chicks: Michigan football.

    I've been following religiously since my freshman year at U of M. I'm only in my late 20s now, but I've been there for Lloyd's last years, RR, and now Hoke. Any recruit that had serious interest, I broke down their highlight tape, probably twice. I have always had the brightest shimmer in my eyes during the off season. Every fluff piece had me excited looking toward a promising future, and anything I heard could be turned into a positive. In my eyes, our team was always rose bowl bound come fall.

    For me, Michigan football is the early years of a marriage that may have hit some rocky waters. Husband lost his job and his savings are running out. He's having problems making ends meet doing odd jobs here and there. He wants it so badly, but it's just not there. The wife failed out of grad school, and cannot find any sort of work with her degree in art history, but that's ok because she is taking care of their young child. Times are tough, but dammit they want this to work out for the kid. Never once has either of them thought of a world without the other. Divorce has never been a word to come out of their mouths, nor a thought to cross their minds. Inconceivable.

    And then you take a look at what their parents are making. His father rakes in 4+ million dollars a year, and her parents are each making as much as they can make in their field, upwards of 600,000 each, but they're not helping their children. You think, this is the product they're putting on the field? 7-6 in year 3? The future isn't looking bright, there are still glaring issues on the offensive line, and now you hear that the team wasn't really a team last year? Brandon or Hoke better get this fixed up. The fans have been too loyal bringing in 100,000+ into the stadium every game for the past several years to continually be fed this kind of bullshit. But why bother improving your product? The tickets are still sold out every year, regardless of how shitty the product has become.

    Dominoes pizza got better after Dave Brandon left. They started improving their PIZZA rather than trying to add PASTA in BREADBOWLS. I think Brandon needs to take a step back and look at the last company he worked for. When he left Dominoes in 2010, stock prices were at about 9.40 a share. Today they're at 75.51. Wait a minute, the stock market crashed a bit. Could it just be rebounding from that? Partially, but let's take a look at the company that owns Pizza Hut. They're at about 77.48 right now, improving from 35 in the same timeframe. Brandon needs to look at the current product, and not try to think about anything new. I'm looking at you, lacrosse.

    Did my analogy quit being an analogy and turn into an angry rant? Yes. I'm sick of not winning. My passion is fading and it needs something to bring it back. Wins.

  2. Which Elena Petrova? It seems that is a common Russian female name for models. Just curious.