Monday, April 14, 2014

MLive: Roy Manning excited about Peppers, adjusting well

Nick Baumgardner has a piece on cornerbacks coach Roy Manning and how he's adjusting in his move from coaching linebackers.

Hit the jump for Jessa Lynn Hinton wearing tight clothes.

Jessa Hinton

Jessa Hinton

Jessa Hinton

Jessa Hinton


  1. I am excited for both Manning and Jabrill Peppers. On the other hand, Urban Meyer realizes that stealing Chad Lindsay from Alabama is the easiest way to screw up Michigan, so he is after Lindsay even though he doesn't really need him. Ah.

    1. "... so he is after Lindsay even though he doesn't really need him."

      What makes you think he doesn't need a 5th-year guy with some starting experience at what is arguably the nation's #1 program? Think he couldn't find a use for Chad somewhere?

      If Meyer is smart, he'll recruit based on his projected needs alone. "Screwing Fred Flinstone" won't be part of his decision-making process.

    2. Or...Ohio State lost four starters from their offensive line and has no proven center and he could be helpful to them as well. Meyer is probably more interested in helping his team improve than making Michigan worse.

    3. OSU has the depth to have nothing but Juniors and Seniors on their line next year.

      Michigan has 1 junior scholarship lineman. No seniors.

      I haven't cared for Urban since his Florida days so I'm already a bit biased. With that being said, I don't think his intentions are solely to make OSU better.

    4. Yeah. I'm sure he can use him, but he also knows that stealing Lindsay can screw up Michigan and make planning for "The Game" that much easier. This is also the strategy used by Tressel to take a QB by the name of .... from Rich Rodriguez in 08.

    5. Going on a tangent here, but if Meyer beats Hoke again for the 3rd straight time in 2014, I expect the fanbase (including myself) going mad again. The shades of Tressel.

  2. That last photo is money. Not sure if those are real - but they certainly ARE spectacular!

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