Sunday, March 29, 2015

2015 Spring Game Draft

Jourdan Lewis
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Just for fun, I thought I would draft up teams for the spring game. I had the idea of finding someone else to draft against . . . and then time got away from me. Michigan's coaching staff is drafting teams this coming Saturday, a week ahead of the April 4th contest between squads. So here, a day ahead of time, are the players I and me would draft.

Here are the rules:

  • Each team gets 25 players.
  • Each side of the ball must be filled out completely for both squads.
  • Players with known debilitating injuries or who are not on campus yet are not available for the draft.
  • Specialists are not available, since special teams will not be played in the spring game.
Rd. 1 for Magnus: Jourdan Lewis, CB. The hype on Jabrill Peppers is all just hypothetical for now, but Lewis had a breakout spring game last year and was Michigan's best defensive back during the 2014 season.

Rd. 1 for Thunder: Willie Henry, DT. With the recent poor play of the offensive line, I want an interior defensive lineman to wreak havoc.

Hit the jump for the other 24 rounds of the draft.

Rd. 2 for Magnus: Graham Glasgow, OG. He's still practicing with the team, despite his recent probation snafu, so I'll take Michigan's best lineman while I can.

Rd. 2 for Thunder: Kyle Kalis, OG. There aren't many options on the line, so I'd better get a decent one now.

Rd. 3 for Magnus: Mason Cole, OT. Stock up on linemen while I can.

Rd. 3 for Thunder: Jabrill Peppers, S. There are a bunch of safeties, so that decreases his value. Plus chances are slim that Team Magnus will air it out, but he's being hyped as perhaps the best player on the team.

Rd. 4 for Magnus: Desmond Morgan, LB. Give me a general in the middle of the defense.

Rd. 4 for Thunder: Chris Wormley, DE. Wormley has earned rave reviews this spring, if only he can keep his motor running.

Rd. 5 for Magnus: Ty Isaac, RB. I think Isaac is the best running back on the team, and we certainly can't throw the ball very well.

Rd. 5 for Thunder: Patrick Kugler, C. Not many guys can even snap the ball.

Rd. 6 for Magnus: Erik Magnuson, OG. I'm building a pretty good line here. He is my son, after all.

Rd. 6 for Thunder: Shane Morris, QB. I might want to take a running back here, but that douche Magnus already grabbed one, so I can probably afford to wait.

Rd. 7 for Magnus: Jake Butt, TE. How did he slip this far? I know we can get him open and make some first downs.

Rd. 7 for Thunder: Ben Braden, OT. Unconfirmed rumors of an injury, so I'll pick him until something is confirmed.

Rd. 8 for Magnus: Blake Countess, CB. I just locked down the best two corners on the team. I dare you to throw it, bitch.

Rd. 8 for Thunder: Logan Tuley-Tillman, OT. Crap. I don't think we'll be able to throw the ball. We'd better try to run it.

Rd. 9 for Magnus: Bryan Mone, DT. I can't believe I haven't picked a defensive lineman yet.

Rd. 9 for Thunder: Amara Darboh, WR. With Butt off the board, Darboh is the most proven pass catcher on the team.

Rd. 10 for Magnus: Mario Ojemudia, DE. Here comes the run on defensive linemen.

Rd. 10 for Thunder: Joe Bolden, LB. It's time to get a captain for my defense.

Rd. 11 for Magnus: James Ross III, LB. Build up the front seven.

Rd. 11 for Thunder: Ryan Glasgow, DT. I need some guys to stop the better offensive line.

Rd. 12 for Magnus: Jarrod Wilson, S. I should probably grab a decent safety before Thunder hogs 'em all.

Rd. 12 for Thunder: Ben Gedeon, LB. Stop the run.

Rd. 13 for Magnus: Jehu Chesson, WR. I'm going to run it down their throats, and I know Chesson can block.

Rd. 13 for Thunder: Derrick Green, RB. I'd better grab a running back before Magnus starts loading up on them.

Rd. 14 for Magnus: Joe Kerridge, FB. This will help out my running game.

Rd. 14 for Thunder: Alex Malzone, QB. Yoink!

Rd. 15 for Magnus: Wilton Speight, QB. Okay, I guess Thunder is playing dirty.

Rd. 15 for Thunder: Brian Cole, WR. I got my possession guy in Darboh, so now I need a big-play guy.

Rd. 16 for Magnus: Taco Charlton, DE. I got the two starting defensive ends now, too!

Rd. 16 for Thunder: Channing Stribling, CB. Okay, I probably shouldn't have waited this long for a corner.

Rd. 17 for Magnus: Dennis Norfleet, WR. I need a guy who can make some big plays on the outside.

Rd. 17 for Thunder: Lawrence Marshall, DE. I'm in need of a pass rush.

Rd. 18 for Magnus: Maurice Hurst Jr., DT. Stop the run, and maybe his quickness can get to Morris.

Rd. 18 for Thunder: David Dawson, OG. I need to fill out my offensive line since it's pretty weak.

Rd. 19 for Magnus: Blake Bars, OG. Options are running thin.

Rd. 19 for Thunder: Ian Bunting, TE. Since I'm going to need to throw the ball, I could use a tight end who can stretch the field.

Rd. 20 for Magnus: Juwann Bushell-Beatty, OT. He's basically the last offensive tackle.

Rd. 20 for Thunder: Royce Jenkins-Stone, LB. This is my last linebacker so we can at least try to stop the run.

Rd. 21 for Magnus: Mike McCray II, LB. I, too, have filled my linebacker corps.

Rd. 21 for Thunder: Dymonte Thomas, S. This is a pretty solid pick for being so late in the draft, and at a position of need.

Rd. 22 for Magnus: Delano Hill, S. Hill had some injury problems last year, but he has reportedly had a good spring.

Rd. 22 for Thunder: Brandon Watson, CB. I could feasibly pick Ross Taylor-Dougas here, but Watson's bigger and probably better against the run.

Rd. 23 for Magnus: De'Veon Smith, RB. This is a luxury pick at this point, and he can help me stuff it down Thunder's throat.

Rd. 23 for Thunder: Chase Winovich, FB. Well, I need to pass the ball, so the speedy former high school quarterback probably helps me out more than 276 lb. Brady Pallante.

Rd. 24 for Magnus: Ondre Pipkins, DT. I can bring in the beef if Hurst isn't getting the job done.

Rd. 24 for Thunder: Da'Mario Jones, WR. This gives me another speedy option to throw the ball to.

Rd. 25 for Magnus: Jeremy Clark, S. If Thunder is going to throw the ball a lot, I might need a fifth defensive back sometimes.

Rd. 25 for Thunder: Ross Taylor-Douglas, CB. Hello, Mr. Irrelevant.

 Wilton Speight
RB: Ty Isaac, De'Veon Smith
FB: Joe Kerridge
WR: Jehu Chesson
WR: Dennis Norfleet
TE: Jake Butt
LT: Mason Cole
LG: Erik Magnuson
C: Graham Glasgow
RG: Blake Bars
RT: Juwann Bushell-Beatty
DE: Mario Ojemudia
DT: Bryan Mone
DT: Maurice Hurst, Jr., Ondre Pipkins
DE: Taco Charlton
LB: Desmond Morgan
LB: James Ross III
LB: Mike McCray II
CB: Jourdan Lewis
CB: Blake Countess
S: Jarrod Wilson
S: Delano Hill, Jeremy Clark

QB: Shane Morris, Alex Malzone
RB: Derrick Green
FB: Chase Winovich
WR: Amara Darboh, Da'Mario Jones
WR: Brian Cole
TE: Ian Bunting
LT: Logan Tuley-Tillman
LG: David Dawson
C: Patrick Kugler
RG: Kyle Kalis
RT: Ben Braden
DE: Chris Wormley
DT: Willie Henry
DT: Ryan Glasgow
OLB: Lawrence Marshall
LB: Joe Bolden
LB: Ben Gedeon
LB: Royce Jenkins-Stone
CB: Channing Stribling, Terry Richardson
CB: Brandon Watson
S: Jabrill Peppers
S: Dymonte Thomas

Notable undrafted free agents:
QB Brian Cleary
RB Wyatt Shallman
FB Brady Pallante
WR Freddy Canteen
WR Jaron Dukes
WR Maurice Ways
TE A.J. Williams
OG Greg Froelich
OG Dan Samuelson
DE Matt Godin
DE Henry Poggi
DE Tom Strobel
LB Allen Gant
LB Jared Wangler
CB Reon Dawson


  1. Kugler in the 5th round Thunder?

    You should be paying more attention to Magnus. He's not hearing good things about Kugler.

  2. ... am I taking crazy pills? Are Magnus and Thunder two different people?

    Not hating the final drafted products. It makes me feel confident about the 2 deep this year. C'MON DOWN RUDDOCK.

    1. Yes, they're two very different people. They're like night and day. Or like peanuts and String Theory.

  3. Dumb question: are Magnus and Thunder two different people, and which one posts on mgoblog?

    1. Magnus posts on MGoBlog. Thunder posts on Touch the Banner.

    2. Lately, I find both Magnus and Thunder to be closer to Dr. Jekyll than Mr. Hyde. They are both getting soft on us. Maybe, it's the shock therapy. Whatever the case, we might need to put them into a dark room and only one comes out with the key. We'll know who that was by either reading Mgoblog or reading here the next time Lanknows posts.

  4. Thunder had Peppers, and with Thomas and Hill available, he picked Thomas over Hill. ??? I'd love to get Thunder's rationale for this pick (beyond what's already disclosed it the OP).

    1. First of all, I think Thomas has more natural ability than Hill. But secondly, I've heard that Thomas has done pretty well this spring, and when Peppers moves down into the slot, Thomas is the guy they bring in at safety with Jarrod Wilson. So the coaching staff seems to think Thomas is the superior player, too.

  5. DaMario Jones is Injuried he want be playing in fact he has been injured for the last two weeks