Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Video: Is Jim Harbaugh worth $5 million a year?

Charlie Leduff investigates whether Harbaugh is worth it:

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  1. First, Leduff's question was stupid.

    Second, Harbaugh's answer was better than had he answered "Yes." If he had said he *was* worth $5M a year it would be a much bigger -- and more controversial -- story. If he was several years into the Michigan coaching job and had some championships in the bank ... then *maybe* it would have been an acceptable answer. Even still, the general impression is *nobody* is worth that much money ... so Harbaugh saying "No" to this was better than saying "Yes."

    Harbaugh could have offered a slippery non-answer. But that's not him, apparently -- he offered an honest answer, and said just as honestly that he likes earning a buck just like the next guy.