Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Detroit News: Jake Rudock a "tremendous leader," ex-coach says

Here's a fluff article on a guy who could be our quarterback this coming season (LINK).

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  1. fingers crossed for this guy. None of the guys we have are proven. We might really need to depend on our grad transfers this year. I hope Harbaugh adds a few grad transfer linemen as well.

  2. How do scholarships work for grad year students? Does the athletic scholarship apply to masters level programs?
    Also, if you receive a 5th year of eligibility are you required to be enrolled in classes to be able to play?

    1. Athletic scholarships do apply to grad school.

      Grad transfers must have a major only offered at a different school to be able to transfer. A major their current school does not have.

      You are required to be a student to have a student athlete scholarship.