Saturday, March 21, 2015

Poll results: Who will start at quarterback in 2015?

Shane Morris wasn't smiling very often during the 2014 season.
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Last week I posed the question: Who will start at quarterback in 2015?

I'll start off by saying that I don't really care who the starter is. What matters most to me is that the starter is good, or at least the best man for the job.

Shane Morris (Jr.): 31%
The junior Morris is the most experienced guy currently on Michigan's roster, although a transfer in from Jake Rudock (below) would change that immediately. Unfortunately, Morris has a 0-to-5 touchdown-to-interception ratio and completed just 35% of his passes last year. The highly touted recruited has a cannon for an arm and some decent wheels, but his decision-making has left a lot to be desired.

Wilton Speight (RS Fr.): 30%
Speight has earned some momentum in spring practices, according to some observers. He's a big guy who can move a little bit. Despite being a redshirt freshman, he will turn 21 in December of this year after taking an extra year of high school due to a broken collarbone.

Alex Malzone (Fr.): 21%
Malzone has earned some praise this spring from some observers, and the occasional report says he's the leading candidate for the job right now. However, I have not heard as many positive reports on him as the former two. Malzone is reportedly struggling with mechanics, arm strength, and the speed of the game right now.

Jake Rudock (5th): 16%
Rudock, who is visiting Michigan this weekend, has not been offered by the Wolverines yet. And in order to come to Michigan, he would need to jump through some hoops with the Big Ten, since he's a fifth year transfer candidate from the University of Iowa. I imagine that 16% number here has more to do with whether he'll actually choose/be allowed to play for Michigan, since his starting experience, 61.7% completions, and 16-to-5 interception ratio last year would almost certainly vault him to the top of this list.

Zach Gentry (Fr.): 0% (2 votes)
Gentry is a true freshman who will not arrive on campus until this summer. While he might have the highest ceiling of everyone on this list (he's 6'7", has a strong arm, and a good runner), he will also be the newest to the college game.


  1. Magnus - Are there websites or columnists where you're getting your practice rumors from? I haven't heard much about the QBs at all and what I've heard has been more about Malzone than Morris or Speight. Yet you have totally different input somewhere. I usually frequent Maize & Brew, MGoBlog, Detroit News, and occasionally some other sites. I'd love to have you point me to additional information if its out there.


    1. I don't think mainstream sites/newspapers are really into practice rumblings, because that's not concrete information. It's more rumors/interpretation than hard facts.

      I read MGoBlog, Detroit News, MLive, 247 Sports, Rivals, and listen to Sam Webb sometimes.