Sunday, June 3, 2012

Poll Results: Who will be the offensive captain?

Okay, the results aren't going to surprise anyone, but I thought I would toss out the question, anyway.  Who's going to be the offensive captain in 2012?  I only selected seniors with starting experience, so guys like Elliott Mealer and Brandon Moore were left off the poll.

QB Denard Robinson: 91%
This was the obvious selection.  The fans love Denard, and his teammates seem to love Denard.  If he's not a captain in the fall, I'll be very surprised.

WR Roy Roundtree: 4%
Roundtree might be good captain material if not for the presence of Denard.  He always seems to be in a positive mood, has a smile on his face, and seems to be a hard worker.

OG Patrick Omameh: 2%
Well, at least he got a few votes.

OC Ricky Barnum: 0%
So much for that idea.

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