Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An interview with 2012 preferred walk-on WR Bo Dever

Bo Dever
In one of the more engaging and enjoyable interviews that I've done so far, former walk-on defensive lineman and current Manhattan mogul Tim North made an interesting and true statement about walk-on players.  "You couldn't have a football program without walk-ons,"  Tim Said.  "I mean, it would be impossible to have a practice without walk-ons."  In the end, Tim did more than just practice with the team, eventually earning substantial playing time and, most importantly, a Michigan degree that allowed him to cultivate a successful career.

2012 preferred walk-on wide wide receiver Bo Dever from Lake Forest, IL, also knows about the value of walking on at Michigan.  Ignoring some interest from other schools, Bo chose to attend the alma mater of his father, Dave Dever, who played as a defensive lineman under Bo Schembechler.  And if you're wondering, it's no coincidence that Bo shares his name with the legendary coach for whom his father played.

Here are some quick hits from my conversation with Bo shortly before he traveled to Ann Arbor.

Feeling comfortable:  "I have a few high school friends who go to school up there in Ann Arbor and aren't on the team, so the transition should be pretty simple.  Also, [I've built relationships with] A.J. Williams and Chris Womley.  Chris was actually out here a couple weeks ago in Chicago.  He and his buddies came up here and stayed at my house for a couple days.  A.J. and I talk pretty much every day.  We're rooming together in the fall."

Awards despite injury:  "Last year I got hurt (ACL) in game four or five, and I was out for the rest of the year.  But I'm back to 100% now.  Last season I was still All-Conference, All-Area. . ."

Height, weight, style of play:  "I'm 6'2'' and 200 lbs.  Going into the season I'd like to be 205/210 and sophomore year maybe 215 because I'm more of that bigger possession receiver coming across the middle.  I'm not going to run a 4.4 forty or be a deep threat guy.  I'm that big body, catch in traffic guy. . . I'd also like to play some special teams."

Michigan heritage:  "My dad played football at Michigan back in the mid to late eighties, so ever since I was growing up, I wanted to go there.  And when I had to decide, I knew I wouldn't be happy anywhere else. "

Expectations:  "I'm excited.  I just want to go out and do what's best for the team.  I need to go out there and prove myself first [before thinking about playing time], and not get too hot in the head."

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  1. Seems to have a good pair of hands. Doubt he will be used on special teams....no wheels. Still good to get guys like him...a Michigan Man through and through!... mortar for the bricks to build the program around! I hope he enjoys his time, gets a great education as well.