Tuesday, August 28, 2012

AnnArbor.com: Fitz Toussaint or Thomas Rawls?

Sam Cooke
We'll see what happens on Saturday, but this article discusses who will start at running back on Saturday.  Of course, we all know the quandary Michigan is in.  Play the troubled but talented Toussaint . . . or the inexperienced sophomore Rawls?


  1. I will be surprised if Troussaint plays. Dave Brandon and Hoke are really stressing character, discipline, team, etc and they relish being on the moral high ground. The only way I could picture Fitz playing is if Rawls is nicked up (as has been rumored) and they have no one else to throw out there.

  2. Drunk driving is a very serious thing, and I hope that that seriousness is reflected in the manner in which the team handles Toussaint's punishment. That said, calling Toussaint "troubled but talented" seems a bit over the top; the phrase seems best used for someone with chronic and serious behavioral issues, not for a 21-year-old who made (as far as I know) a single irresponsible decision.

  3. He wont start if we all understand Hoke. Not announcing is tactical