Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pre-Snap Read: #7 Michigan State

Boo.  I hate these guys.


  1. I've been saying this all year....this team has me worried. We'll learn a lot in week 1 from both teams.

  2. But I always enjoyed their girls...
    Worth the 60 min road trip from AA...
    though too many naps were required at 3AM at the rest stop halfway home.

  3. They really don't talk about much relevant to this year, they just tell you what already happened. They don't even tell it well, either. Gholston is vastly overrated. He was dominated by Taylor Lewan, but he also did almost nothing against weak opponents like 1 total tackle against Central, 3 against Indiana, 1 against Mighty Florida Atlantic, 4 each against Northwestern and Wisconsin. He was suspended for 2 games, but only had 28 solo tackles all season and 2 sacks. Craig Roh essentially missed 3 games (including the first 2) and still had 18 solo with 4 sacks after switching positions.

  4. Ha... I went to high school w/her