Thursday, August 30, 2012

2012 Season Countdown List

Here's the final list of the 2012 Season Countdown.  I hope you've enjoyed reading all 89(!) entries.  I succeeded in posting one each day for about the last three months, and now I'm going to have surgery for carpal tunnel.

1. Denard Robinson
2. Ricky Barnum
3. Taylor Lewan
4. Fitzgerald Toussaint
5. Jordan Kovacs
6. Craig Roh
7. William Campbell
8. Patrick Omameh
9. Blake Countess
10. Thomas Gordon
11. Michael Schofield
12. Jake Ryan
13. Roy Roundtree
14. Kenny Demens
15. Devin Gardner
16. J.T. Floyd
17. Jibreel Black
18. Thomas Rawls
19. Jeremy Gallon
20. Desmond Morgan
21. Stephen Hopkins
22. Brendan Gibbons
23. Vincent Smith
24. Brennen Beyer
25. Courtney Avery
26. Elliott Mealer
27. Brandon Moore
28. Cameron Gordon
29. Ondre Pipkins
30. Jerald Robinson
31. Joey Burzynski
32. Frank Clark
33. Jareth Glanda
34. Marvin Robinson
35. Brandin Hawthorne
36. Drew Dileo
37. Jeremy Jackson
38. Terrence Talbott (left team)
39. Richard Ash
40. Nathan Brink
41. Quinton Washington
42. Jack Miller
43. Keith Heitzman
44. Chris Bryant (out for season, broken tibia)
45. Kyle Kalis
46. Joe Bolden
47. Jehu Chesson
48. Raymon Taylor
49. Russell Bellomy
50. Josh Furman
51. Will Hagerup
52. Matt Wile
53. Devin Funchess
54. Delonte Hollowell
55. Amara Darboh
56. Jarrod Wilson
57. Dennis Norfleet
58. A.J. Williams
59. Justice Hayes
60. Antonio Poole
61. Mario Ojemudia
62. James Ross
63. Ricardo Miller
64. Mike Kwiatkowski
65. Chris Wormley (out for season, torn ACL)
66. Royce Jenkins-Stone
67. Ben Braden
68. Mike Jones
69. Joe Kerridge
70. Erik Magnuson
71. Kenny Wilkins
72. Matt Godin
73. Terry Richardson
74. Erik Gunderson
75. Jordan Paskorz
76. Jeremy Clark
77. Kaleb Ringer (out for season, knee surgery)
78. Tamani Carter (left team)
79. Floyd Simmons
80. Graham Glasgow
81. Allen Gant
82. Tom Strobel
83. Chris Eddins
84. Drake Johnson
85. Willie Henry
86. Sione Houma
87. Blake Bars
88. Jack Kennedy
89. Steve Wilson


  1. As in past years, I enjoyed the countdown. Best wishes for a flawless surgery and quick recovery.

  2. Chris Wormley is also out with knee surgery.

    1. I forgot to cross him off. Thanks!

  3. Replies
    1. Agreed. It was a lot of fun to read. You have a lot of good insights and are not afraid to break from the group-think rampant on other sites.

  4. Now that the depth charts have been released, would you make any changes to this order? Thank you for your efforts, and all the hot women.

    1. Hmmm...the two guys that I would probably move up are Quinton Washington and maybe Josh Furman. It sounds like Washington is going to get more reps than I thought, and Furman is listed as a starting kick returner. Otherwise, I think it would stay pretty stagnant.

      You're welcome, and thanks for reading.

  5. Thanks for doing this again. This feature is a great part of the Michigan blogosphere, and it's nice to have a tangible countdown to football in early June. I will certainly be looking forward to it next spring.

    1. I look forward to writing it every year, too, although it gets tiring after about 50 or 60 profiles.

  6. I just wanted to thank you for your tremendous work on this blog and for your insightful comments in other places, you have been consistent in your views and show the kind of passion and dedication to Michigan football that has helped me in many ways to better understand the football side of things and of course, the babes. Thanks.

  7. Check your site everyday. Loved reading these.