Monday, September 24, 2012 Hoke never thought about benching Robinson

Laura Michelle Prestin
Based on Denard Robinson's past heroics, I don't think he should have been benched, either.  But just about any other college or NFL quarterback would have been benched during a performance like that.


  1. Magnus, I took an awful lot of flak from some of my friends for objecting to their cries of "BENCH HIM, HE'S NOT A QUARTERBACK" and I feel slightly better knowing that you and Hoke are on my side.

  2. IMO it was best to keep him in, but I have one caveat - should have taken him out for a series just to settle him down and let him calm down a bit (assuming he was uptight). Tell him he isn't being benched and will be back in next series. Ask him to coach Bellomy from the sidelines. Give him a breather mentally.

    Conversely - think about how messed up ND's frosh QB will be about making any mistakes from now on with Kelly ready to put in last year's nervous nelly. I would have done the same thing with him too. Give him a break and let his mind catch back up to the game on the field.

  3. Even if it did cross his mind for a minute, this is the correct response to give to the media. Right now he needs to build up Denard's confidence again.