Sunday, September 2, 2012

Highlights: Alabama 41, Michigan 14


  1. In the end Michigan was out coached. Players were not in the right spot the whole game. What defense there was, was predictable. I've never seen Jordan Kovacs miss as many tackles or take the wrong angles but this was not his fault. Defense was flat footed and used their arms to much. Offense was the same way, Coach Al had no game plan and just kept running same plays. I do think Devon was a good surprise but can Denard stop throwing to the sidelines? I felt bad for the kids and how they were man handled the entire game. We couldn't punch Alabama in the mouth when we needed to. That's not Michigan football.

    1. I don't necessarily agree that Michigan was out-coached. There were some plays where Michigan was out-coached, but there were also some plays where Alabama was out-coached. But Alabama's players made the plays, and Michigan's generally didn't. There's a significant talent gap between the two teams, and that has very little to do with the current coaching staff (and more to do with the recruiting/development over the past several years).

    2. That and cheating, but yeah.

      Alabama's OL is insane. We got zero push up the middle...actually, make that negative push. That's where games are won, and that's where we consistently lost last night.

  2. Men against boys. The way Michigan is recruiting, they'll be up there soon enough

  3. Hey, LISTEN UP!!!

    Snap out of it. We got 14 more points than LSU in the Championship, against Alabama, and this team may well be better than last years team......and we outscored them in the 2nd and third Quarters....thats half of the Game!!

    OK there's the smoke up your

    I do think Mr. Borges should recognize when the running game is not working and make some adjustments.
    Whatever happened to two quarters of 2 minute drill....coulda been a winner if our receivers would only catch a ball or two. "Dink and donk" four to seven yard passes cannot be stopped and it would have opened up the run some, but there were just too damn many long balls that weren't necessary and most of them were wasted.
    We just ran out of time....two more years and they are OURS.