Friday, May 24, 2013

Attractive Michigan Girl of the Week

If you have any other pictures of girls wearing Michigan gear, drop me an e-mail. Go Blue!


  1. I'm putting up my prediction of your countdown to kick off, because it's a slow day at work, and that series should be coming up pretty soon!

    1 Lewan
    2 Gardner
    3 Countess
    4 Q
    5 Schofield
    6 Ryan
    7 Clark
    8 Ross
    9 Kalis
    10 Thomas Gordon
    11 Gallon
    12 Miller
    13 Morgan
    14 Taylor
    15 Beyer
    16 Cam Gordon
    17 Braden
    18 Cam Gordon
    19 Pipkins
    20 Braden
    21 Green
    22 Chesson
    23 Toussaint
    24 J Wilson
    25 Funchess
    26 Ojemudia
    27 Bryant
    28 Wormley
    29 Morris
    30 Richardson
    31 Darboe
    32 Gibbons
    33 Burzynski
    34 Avery
    35 Wile


    1. You need to pick one for Cam Gordon, 16 or 18 ..... or you could average.

    2. When I was making the list in excel, I copy pasted rather than cut paste.There is also another Ben Braden at 17 and 20. I would delete 16 and 17.

    3. Quick comments: I think Funchess and Morris need upward nudges. Gallon, too, maybe. Countess is important, but I think he could be moved down. Kalis (whatever his importance) should be in the same neighborhood as Glasgow.

    4. Gardner is a mile.

      If Gardner goes out, UM is proper f*cked. If Lewan goes down, Schofield could slide over to LT and Braden could move to RT. Not as good, but not a disaster like we will be facing with anyone besides Devin at QB.

    5. I can see a little merit in bumping Morris up, but not much. Bellomy could return from his injury, and Dan Cleary exists. I could see Funchess having a bit of a nudge too, but not Gallon. I have Countess so high because I have big expectations from him this year. Behind him is Taylor, Avery, and then I'm hoping Richardson, or maybe Hollowell, or maybe one of the freshmen will be able to contribute right away. I like having Countess real high on the list - in my eyes he's definitely top 5. I can see the argument to moving Schofield above him, but I wouldn't make it.

      I'm going to disagree with your opinion on Kalis. Kalis is not in the same neighborhood as Glasgow. Hoke might say that, and that's coach speak, but he is not in the same neighborhood. I can see dropping Kalis down to 10 and moving the others up, but in my mind I can't find people on the team I feel are more important to our success. Not because Kalis is a superstar... yet... but because our OL experience is pretty weak. This year and next year was always going to be rough in terms of OL depth. I'm really hoping our OL recruits develop. We need either Chris Fox, LTT, or Magnuson to be a serviceable LT next year, with another being a suitable backup.


    6. Dan Cleary does exist, but plays for the Red Wings.

    7. I agree with Logan88, DG is #1 by a mile. Playing a true freshmen, walk on, or RS sophomore with a major injury at the most important position on the field will have a greater impact on our W/L than bumping people over and filling in with Magnusson, Burzynski, Bryant, etc... That being said I would put Lewan at #2.

      Also, I would add Thomas, who has already passed Avery as the first off the bench at nickle. I would drop at least one of the 7 OL on this list. Finally, depending on how the rankings are gauged, I can make the argument that Ryan should plummet, not because I question his talent, but simply based on the fact that he's going to be out for over half the season.

    8. I feel Schofield is a liability at LT. If Lewan goes down, I don't see any quarterback being able to produce effectively. True freshmen quarterbacks aren't always terrible: Henne is a good example. Bellomy could come back from his injury mid season. I definitely thought of putting Gardner at the top, but I feel Lewan might be more important to the team.


    9. I'm hoping the only important game Ryan misses is ND. I thought of that as well, but he's coming back, hopefully, for the majority of the big ten season.

      Completely forgot about Dymonte. I'd put him right behind Darboe.

      I would be fine dropping Burzinski or Bryant a bit lower if you'd like. This is a pretty rough draft.


  2. whatever those tats are... aren't working for her

    1. I think she must really like the Rose Bowl.

  3. Why do you post these pictures?