Saturday, May 25, 2013

The 2013 Season Countdown is on the way

Where will Jake Ryan end up on the list?
The annual season countdown begins tomorrow morning. In case you're new to the blog, I profile one player per day from the least important to the most.  For example, a player who is likely to redshirt will probably be very low on the list; the player Michigan can least afford to lose will be #1 on the list; a good player with a quality backup or two might get bumped down the list, since losing him might not impact the team in a significant way.

Remember that this will not be a list of the best players, but the most important  players.

You can see the 2012 Season Countdown here, along with the 2011 Countdown, the 2010 Countdown, and the 2009 Countdown.


  1. My prediction for the top 5

    1. Gardner
    2. Lewan
    3. T. Gordon
    4. Gallon
    5. Schofield

    1. T. Gordon is a solid 3 especially after having M. Robinson leave. Gallon at 4 though? Really?

    2. I would guess that Juciy's feeling on Gallon is that he is the only WR on UM's roster who has done anything of note at this point. I'm not sure I would have Gallon quite that high but somewhere in the Top 10 is entirely reasonable IMO. Outside of Gallon, UM's WR corps this season is not very impressive unless Darboh and/or Chesson turns out to be a revelation.

  2. I'd put Jack miller at #4. Our center depth is right behind our qb depth this year.