Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2013 Season Countdown: #78 Kyle Bosch

Kyle Bosch with offensive line coach Darrell Funk
Name: Kyle Bosch
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 307 lbs.
High school: Wheaton (IL) St. Francis
Position: Offensive guard
Class: Freshman
Jersey number: #65
Last year: Bosch was a senior in high school. I gave him a TTB Rating of 88.

Bosch committed to Michigan in February 2012. Despite being ranked by some sites as an offensive tackle - and playing tackle for his high school team - Bosch looks more like an offensive guard at the next level.  He graduated early to enroll at Michigan in January, where he participated in spring practices.

He has excellent size for a kid coming out of high school, and reports out of spring practices were positive.  Because of his considerable talent, early enrollment, and good size, I think Bosch is the most likely of the freshman offensive linemen to play.  He probably won't be one of the five best linemen right off the bat, but he has a chance to be a Justin Boren-type injury replacement at some point in the season.  The coaches would probably want to redshirt him, but the interior offensive linemen are very inexperienced, so he should at least be able to push those guys.

Prediction: Redshirt if possible


  1. What's your opinion of Coach Funk? Do you think he's good at extracting the potential of these linemen?

    1. I'm undecided on Funk. I don't think the offensive line was as good in 2012 as it should have been, but I also realize that those guys were recruited for a different system and different positions in some cases. I would hope to see improvement in 2013 now that guys recruited for this system will be stepping into the fold, but they'll be very young. That's the best non-answer I can give you - undetermined.

    2. I haven't been too impressed with him since he has been here. However, I am impressed what he did at sdsu. I'm confident he will prove himself worthy.

  2. Just think,, Funk has the task of replacing the whole of the interior linemen this year. Then next year he has to do the opposite and replace the tackles. With the level of competition, I can see our line being the best in conference shortly.

    1. The other side of the coin is that he had 3 experienced 5th year senior linemen last year and interior OL that wasn't very good. Most everyone was back from the previous year and the line regressed. Also he has a exceptional veteran talent at OT (top 5 NFL pick at LT and a likely NFL pick at RT). Most coaches don't have that and when your entire line is 4th or 5th year guys and you can't move the ball - that's not a good sign.

      In '13, there's an excuse for Funk - it's really hard to replace 3 positions with totally inexperienced players.

      But in '14 it'll be his 4th year and with the guys they've brought in the OL should be moving the ball. If not, it'll be time for a new OL coach.

    2. Not expecting huge things this year from the OL. Center could be a significant weakness again. LG needs to get solidified and it would be nice if Schofield improves on his so-so run blocking. Braden in my opinion is physically talented, but maybe still a year away from being good and also maybe not the most natural OG.

      Nonetheless, we should see a major step forward in the running running game this year. Defenses can't stack the line anymore and Kalis should help with push on the interior.

    3. Again - Lanknows shows his/her depth of football knowledge. Omameh, Barnum, and Mealer were recruited for different schemes. None were particularly adept at pulling - which seemed to be what Hoke and Co. wanted to do with at least one of them. I don't feel any of those linemen even as 5th year seniors were ever great. Funk had to work with what he had. Who did we have next on the list? Bryant? Well, his leg broke. Miller? He was too light. True freshmen? Walk-ons? I'm just grateful none of the starters injured themselves during the season. Of course he regressed last year - he lost the Rimington winner at center, and Huyge, who was a pretty solid tackle and also one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He's going to do some big things this year and next, because he is a pretty good OL coach.

      And yes, if Funk doesn't produce up to your likings in 2014, I'm sure Hoke will take that into consideration and give him the boot.


    4. Hey Anon @6:24

      Molk was a big loss, but 3/5 of the OL starter returned and Barnum (who was slated to start ahead of Schofield before he was hurt) did as well. If most of your line returns you should maintain or at least stay in the same ballpark. Different schemes - yeah, but the '11 team had the same issue. Funk's probably not responsible for playcalling, but pulling isn't rocket-science. If he can't get his guys to do it, it's his job to tell Borges not to run plays the guys can't execute.

      At some point the excuses get to be too much.

  3. Interesting assortment this year for Funk to work with -- I believe UM will have the best combination of OTs in the Country, along with the what is probably least experienced starting interior line in the BCS.

    You can't blame Funk for the RR regime's failure to fill the pipeline at interior line; you can't give Funk all the credit for the two tackles he inherited (although they both developed under his watch).

    I'll leave it to the OL gurus to judge Funk's effectiveness under these odd conditions.

    - Lee

  4. Agree that Bosch is a candidate to be the rare freshman OL to play. I think because of the OC situation Kugler has a slightly better chance than Bosch, but either way - those two stand out.

    1. The call on Kugler depends upon how well Miller plays and how Kugler has recovered from his shoulder surgery. If Miller is struggling out of the gate, the coaches will recognize that Kugler will be at least a three-year starter and getting him snaps this year to speed his progress may be warranted. I'm a little apprehensive about Miller, since he did not even get a remote shot last year despite some of the worst center-play ever at UM.

      Also think there is a decent shot that Bosch plays. He will be the 3rd best OG at some point this fall. Bosch will pass Bars and Bryant in fall camp. Forget the walk-ons. Braden will be a great RT someday but he did not look particularly comfortable at LG during the spring game.

      I am down with UM playing a couple of these young OL, to help speed their development and to spread the imminent log jam at the OG positions.

    2. There is next to 0 chance Kugler plays at 280 pounds or less. Bosch is already 300+. He is more physically ready. Kugler needs a year to gain weight.

    3. Miller is not a big guy and he will be dwarfed by these incoming freshmen, including Kugler. Kugler may not get snaps this year, but it won't be for a lack of size. He will be UM's biggest, legit center (not counting Mealer) in many years.

    4. Size is less important at OC, and Miller isn't that big either. That said, Kugler is tall, so he has to be pretty heavy.

      I agree what the first Anon said - Kugler's playing depends on Miller, who I view as a big unknown. Not just ability, but also health.